Emma Watson Posts Personal Pics from Pride of Britain Awards


Oct 11, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

New photos have been posted online via Emma Watson’s official website from the Pride of Britain awards which took place earlier this week. The images, taken by Emma’s father, show the actress on the red carpet and signing autographs for the many fans at the event. The post also notes Emma’s gorgeous dress, a Matthew Williamson design, along with a beautiful handbag from Emma’s great-grandmother. As we previously told you, Emma was chosen by Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling to present an honor to Jo for her continuous work for charity. Video of Jo and Emma at the ceremony can be seen here in our Video Galleries.

On a related note, fans will have another opportunity to see Emma’s appearance on the talk show Late Night with Conan O’Brien this upcoming Friday. Anyone who is able to capture the video for our Video Galleries, please do send it in!

Thanks Alison!

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plenty of news about this. go emma and jo!


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Lovely dress. Glad to see more of it! Shoes aren’t my first choice, but then, I wasn’t wearing them! *) SECOND! Hee hee. Echo kevin. Go Jo and Emma!

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Okay, i have to say it, her site is the slowest, most difficult, most irritating site I’ve run across. Where are the new pics? That clock thing is irritating as well, and it must be all those doodads on the screen that slows everything up? Gahhh.

On another note, i wasn’t aware she was on Conan, (sees how much i keep up on the others) so thanks for the heads up.

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Incidentally, I LOVED her dress. I don’t know why so many people seemed to hate it. It was also designed by the same guy that did Katie Cheungs beautiful green dress for GoF’s London debut. She stole the show that time. It’s good to know Emma isn’t just sticking to Chanel(some of those were quite boring). Also her shoes must have been the matching pair to her dress lol. Had the same trimmings.

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May I respectfully say that I find it soo tacky for a celebrity to have her won blog or website. Seems like a desperate attempt to be always in the news.

Ona good note: good that Dad is the official photographer. yeah, keep it in the family…

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that nearly made me cry! jo is such a wonderful women and emma is such a sweet girl…and that awards show sounded really cool! I wish we had something like that in the US. God knows it would be a much better use of time than awards shows about tv, movies and actors.

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Why is it tacky for a celebrity to have his or her own( official) website,besides the fansites? I don’t think it is a desperate way of constant attention seeking at all. I would say that is a reliable way to get up to date and accurate news on that celebrity(rather than the fabricated lies and gossip that appear on some unofficial sites) and to bring that celebrity a little bit closer to fans with information directly from the celebrity and/or his/her people. Even non celebrities have their own website and/or blogs nowadays, and in this age of the Internet you especially can’t survive in the world of entertainment without your (own) website. But that is just my opinion of course.

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Agree with leviosaetc (!)- especially when there are fake ones floating around. This way, we know the info to be as true as possible.

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Wendy wrote: “May I respectfully say that I find it soo tacky for a celebrity to have her won blog or website. Seems like a desperate attempt to be always in the news.”

So, would you put JKR into this grouping? After all her site is her own and she does blog on it as well to update us with news. So would you say it was tacky as well? Just curious how you would classify Jo’s site.

As to celebrity sites in general I’m very happy they do have official sites, especially when they blog it makes it a much more personal experience for the fans. Not to mention you get more accurate updates.

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Awesome. SHe looked great. I love her website and it’s not tacky at all. I think it’s the perfect way to connect more with your fans and also a way to keep people updated on what you’re doing and on the truth. People lie, so this website is a good way for Emma to make sure her fans know the truth. For example, if she had been signed by Chanel then I’m sure that would have been posted on her site, but it’s not.

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