J.K. Rowling Talks Hogwarts Encyclopedia and More


Oct 15, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

More wire reports from the first of the J.K. Rowling Open Book Tour stops are now online, the latest from the L.A. Times, which has some bad news for anxious Harry Potter fans eager to learn more about that magical world. JKR has not yet started on the promised Hogwarts Encyclopedia. When asked about this highly anticipated possible book,

Rowling simply laughed. “It’s not coming along,” she said, “and I haven’t started writing it. I never said it was the next thing I’d do.”

As for what is next, Reuters reports that Jo feels that Harry will be a hard act to follow.

“I want to fall in love with someone the way I fell in love with Harry. I never think about a particular genre. It is all about the story and the characters, but it has to be something I adore,” she said.

Jo also mentioned that her books are often banned, saying ” I take my inclusion on the banned book list as a massive compliment.” The article also mentions that 12 questions were asked of the author, and we will update with more when we can on what those questions were (and more importantly, Jo’s answers).

Please note: In the LA Times piece, it says that today’s press conference is the “only media she’ll do in the U.S,” which contradicts the Sunday Mail report about Jo possibly appearing on morning talk shows, alas.

In addition to the photos we told you about earlier today from the AP and Rex Features, Getty also has some additional photos now online.

Finally, Scholastic issued a press release about the event in Los Angeles, which you can read here.

12 Responses to J.K. Rowling Talks Hogwarts Encyclopedia and More

Avatar Image says:

I don’t think anyone expected her to be writing the Encyclopedia already. I’ll take it whenever she’s ready!

Avatar Image says:

I can’t wait until the encyclopedia comes out!!! Although i wish Jo would write more harry potter BOOKS. i will miss them. what about u??

Avatar Image says:

YES, I am so excited about the Hogwarts encyclopedia! I hope she includes all the character backgrounds and everything! I’m actally quite looking forward to reading non-HP books from her, like mystery novels. I think she’d be a fantastic mystery author, personally.

Avatar Image says:

I don’t wont her to start writing the encyclopedia right away…I can wait a few years for “the next book” Probably best after the 7th movie sometime…I don’t like having everything at once. Just always something to look forward to :) As long as we get it in the end ;)

Avatar Image says:

What are the 12 questions?

Hugs, Alex BlogHogwarts.com

Avatar Image says:

At this point, I think J.K. Rowling can take her own sweet time. Obviously I’m looking forward to the encyclopedia hugely, but I personally thought the seventh book came out a bit quickly and would like to have something to read in the future. Fans should just settle down and start theorizing about what she will include in the book :)

Avatar Image says:

I do so want to meet her. I think the encyclopedia should look like those lovely Thames & Hudson illustrated books on the 1960s.

And I hope I guessed right when I suggested Hogwarts was founded on 1 February 949 CE.

Avatar Image says:

Pfft, I can wait until I graduate from college for the encyclopedia (I am applying to college now). As long as she writes it, and as long as it is just as awesome as I imagined, I’ll be fine. She is still the coolest writer ever for doing this for us. I can’t imagine many other novelists would even be remotely interested in doing such a thing.

David, that is a pretty particular date. But I hope you are right, too…you seemed to have truly thought about it. :)

Avatar Image says:

I wholeheartedly agree with Jessica! I’ll take it when ever she’s ready. It has been a great honour to be part of the ‘Harry Potter’ world, and I hope to bring it to my grandchildren….....in about 10 or 15 years! LOL

Avatar Image says:

JKR deserves a nice, long, relaxing break, so I definitely hadn’t expected her to have started the encyclopedia. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not released until after 2010. After all the amazing writing she’s done, she can take as long as she wants and I will still be excited to read it.

Avatar Image says:

Sheesh..after the seventh book don’t we all want to know about DD and at the least his Hogwarts years…including hiring/firing and misadventures of students..

Avatar Image says:

I can’t wait for the encyclopedia!!!

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