J. K. Rowling Answers More “Deathly Hallows” Questions in New Orleans

Oct 18, 2007

Posted by: EdwardTLC


As we previously reported, Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling participated in a reading and question and answer session as part of her Open Book Tour today in New Orleans, Louisiana. A few of those questions asked by twelve lucky students chosen from schools across the city to attend the reading are now online. The Times-Picayune via NOLA.com tells of Rowling receiving a standing ovation by the nearly 1,600 students and taking to a ‘throne-like chair’ preparing to read from the seventh novel. Contrary to previous reports, the Times tells of Jo reading from the third chapter of “Deathly Hallows,” mimicking the voices of the characters of Aunt Petunia and Daedelus Diggle, to many laughs from the enthralled crowd.

Following what was sure to have been an unforgettable reading, Jo answered twelve pre-selected questions from students who were in attendance at the event. The article notes the following from today’s Open Book Tour event:

The question topics ranged from the personal – her childhood experiences, the first piece of literature that inspired her (“The Wind in the Willows,” by Kenneth Grahame, read to Rowling when she was 4 and suffering from the measles) – to the political.

“I very consciously wanted to show what is one of the great evils of war, which is that totally innocent people are slaughtered,” Rowling told the children. “Another great evil of war is that children lose their families.”

“Do you believe that good always overcomes evil?” asked Naresha Dumas of Warren Easton High School.

“That depends on what you mean by ‘overcomes,’ ” Rowling said, referring to Harry Potter’s battle against the evil Lord Voldemort. “But as long as people are prepared to keep fighting … it’s amazing how small acts of kindness can add up, just living in a moral way, treating other people kindly.”

The article goes on to quote more answers from Jo on the outcomes of certain characters in her series. A note of caution to readers who wish to avoid “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” spoilers, this article does contain many. To read the SPOILER filled section of the article, you can click here.

Jo is scheduled to make the next stop of her Open Book Tour tomorrow in New York City for two readings at Carnegie Hall. Stay tuned to TLC for constant updates on Jo’s tour. Any lucky readers who were in attendance at any of these events please feel free to email your experience to [email protected]

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