J. K. Rowling Talks Marriage, Writing and More at Open Book Tour Stop in New York City

Oct 19, 2007

Posted by: EdwardTLC


More news has come from author J. K. Rowling’s Open Book Tour stop this morning in New York City as we have received a few reports from this morning’s event. The first comes from Bloomberg which reports of a senior from Concord High School on Staten Island, Kristian Cuzco, question to Jo regarding marriage. She asks, “If you could marry anyone from the Harry Potter series, who would it be?” Jo’s reply:

“I actually married Harry Potter. My husband’s here, and if you have seen a photo of my husband, I think Harry Potter will look like that once he hits a certain age,”

I married a really good person. Harry is a really good person. And he’s a gutsy person.”

This article features more on this morning’s event and notes Jo’s comments on two other male characters in her series, Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy. She references the popularity of Draco, especially among girls, and playfully cautions readers by saying: “But as I’ve said before: No! No! Please don’t pass for Draco. I’ve given you an array of pleasant characters.” She also talks of creating Ron, a character she admits she has dated “more than once,” and that, “Ron is funny, very funny; he’s insensitive. There’s a lot of immaturity about Ron, and that’s where a lot of the humor comes from. He’s not much fun to date, but he’s great as a friend.’‘

Further news comes from TLC Reader GraceAnne, who was also lucky enough to see Jo’s reading this morning. She writes of an event she felt privileged to attend and describes Jo as ”…the perfect author.”

She writes:

She read the chapter where Harry departs from Privet Drive and the Dursleys. It was terrific to hear her words in her own voice.

Then she answered questions. About ten children, from 9-17, from all over the city, introduced themselves, their grades, ages, and schools, and asked their questions.

To an aspiring writer, her advice was read, write, and “stories are better if they are rooted in your feelings.” She said with heartfelt intensity that she loved writing the Harry Potter books ’ just loved it.

“The desire for magic is a deep-rooted desire” in humankind, she said, and that “Human nature remains the same whether or not you have a wand.”

In response to some questions about the couples, Jo allowed as how “in my younger days, I dated Ron more than once.” She said Hermione and Ron were meant to be together from the first. Ginny and Harry are soulmates, with a passionate connection. And, “Girls! Don’t fancy Draco!”

She said she did marry Harry Potter, and that her husband was in the audience (!)

Rowling suggested that Dudley and Harry had a Christmas card sort of keeping in touch, and that Harry’s kids and Dudley’s probably didn’t like each other very much but now and then would all get together while the adults sat in awkward silence. She said that the lightning scar was chosen for its “elemental power ¦ and it’s cool shape’ answered a question about how complicated it is for the wealthy Harry to give money to the poorer Weasleys, and stressed that Dumbledore loved Harry like a son.

Then the adults left and she sat down to sign 1600 books, one for each child. As I left, the first set of children were leaving too, and one little boy just kept chanting, “I touched her! I touched her!”

Fashion alert: a midnight navy or black (the lights made it hard to tell) silk shantung suit: pencil slim short skirt, open jacket, scoop- neck blouse. Black stockings, high heels. Red nail polish, elegant white gold lariat necklace. Her manner was warm, polished, open, and perfectly delightful. The noise level when the audience cheered was louder than it was when I saw Bruce Springsteen the other week.

What an amazing experience.

Finally, we have a few new pictures from the event. Reader Tina sent us in some pictures she snapped during the book signing this morning. You can see these pictures in our Image Galleries right here.

In a matter of hours Jo will be reading before an audience of contest winners at Carnegie Hall. More info when we get it!

Many thanks to GraceAnne and Tina!

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