Cauldron Shop Update: New Waterglobes In Stock and More

Oct 24, 2007

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A quick update for you, as the Cauldron Shop now has the brand new Hogwarts waterglobes in stock from San Francisco MusicBox Company we told you about a few weeks ago. In stock are the Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Hogwarts Express and Quidditch globes. Also new are some nice Slytherin and Ravenclaw hair accessory collections, and a set of Hogwarts Express Bookends.

Also, this editor recently received a catalog at home that contained even more new products from Noble Collection, which are now online. In addition to all the new things we’ve told you about recently (Marauder’s Map, Sorcerer’s Stone etc) the company is now releasing: Bellatrix Mask, Bellatrix Wand, Umbridge Wand (complete with a pink holder no less!), Mad-Eye Moody’s Walking Staff, Vertebrae Candle Holder (like those in Lupin’s classroom in PoA), Order of the Phoenix Book Mark Collection, a curious Dobby Doorstopper, and Nimbus 2001, and Firebolt broom replicas. Starting writing your list to Santa now… 😉

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