Dan Radcliffe, Michael Gambon Film Scenes in Lacock Tonight for “Half-Blood Prince” (Updated)

Oct 25, 2007

Posted by: SueTLC


UPDATE: WE have a second report now from TLC reader Ettie who confirms that filming tonight was indeed of the scene at Slughorn’s home in “Budleigh Babberton,” where Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) and Harry (Dan Radcliffe) persuade the former Potionsmaster to return to Hogwarts to teach. Ettie writes that “the part I saw was the walk to, and entry into the house. They did about 6 takes. When I left they were shooting them leaving the house, and you could hear Slughorn’s voice agreeing to take the job and demanding a pay rise. Inside the doorway I could see a white staircase and light blue walls. Michael Gambon was really nice and took a moment to walk over and speak to some of the children and parents watching the set. He asked if everyone was cold and said he was freezing. He was wearing the gray robes he has worn before in other Potter films. Daniel was wearing trainers, T shirt and jacket.”

She continues on to say “the ‘churchyard’ type props are actually parts of a fake war memorial which was set up along the end of Church Street. (This was mentioned in the book). All the windows of nearby houses have had blinds fitted to stop any light coming from their windows and create an atmosphere of gloom.” Thank you Ettie!

UPDATE 3: Even more tonight from reader Georgie who stuck around long enough to watch another scene being filmed, and reports that Michael Gambon has a green cast of sorts on his hand so they can later add in the visual effects for Dumbledore’s withered hand (two new photos she snapped, including one of Dumbledore’s double here and here). Georgie writes:

“At about 12.30am, when there were maybe only 10 or 15 people left, including me and my sister, one guard told all of us we could all go down and see the set! We were all excited but thought that filming had finished and that we were just looking at the location.

We sat down about 10 metres from the entrance to the house I previously told you about, where all of the filming was happening. I saw the doubles for both harry and dumbledore (complete with plastic beard protector!), who helped the crew block out the scenes before the actual cast arrived. There is a picture of the DD double attached. It was all pretty intresting, but then I suddenly saw Daniel Radcliffe and Michael Gambon (in FANTASTIC dumbledore costume) walking towards the set! They actually filmed a scene in front of us! All the kids in our group were given lollipops so that ‘when we say ‘action’, you keep quiet!’ everyone was really lovely and friendly to us.

100% sure it is Slughorn’s house, the scene we watched involved Harry and Dumbledore basically walking through the garden gate together. The moonlight simulater was brilliant and there were smoke generators which finished the whole atmosphere off perfectly.”
Thank you Georgie!

UPDATE 2: This is Wiltshire now has a report online, citing a WB spokesperson who said : “Daniel and the rest of the cast love being here. They just think its absolutely beautiful.”Tonight there is a really good atmosphere and I know Daniel is really happy fans turned up.”

Dedicated TLC reader and Harry Potter fan Pinkmoosely has another report for us tonight from the village in England where they are filming on location scenes for the upcoming “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” Pinkmoosely reports that crowds were heavy outside the house and compound used as a base in Lacock, Wiltshire, England, where security had blocked off the street, and made it very difficult to obtain photos of actor Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter) or Michael Gambon (Professor Dumbledore) during filming tonight (his earlier photos from today, here)
He writes:

The entrance to the compound was situated so that the crew & cast would have to move through the crowd (100 maybe 200 strong) to get to the set, so the police and security had made a gap through everyone. We waited for a couple of hours and the lights down the road were moved around a bit but no sign of any cast, untill a security man shouted that Dan would soon be coming through and there would be no time at all for autographs or photos. Some time later a couple of cars with tinted glass moved through the gap but we were not told who was in them. A spokes person came out later again and worked the crowd telling people that they were behind schedule and everyone was now on set, we were told it was only Harry and Dumbledore they were filming and maybe if things went well there would be time tomorrow evening, alas she could not confirm what time they would make there way to the set..”

Thanks very much again to Pinkmoosely. As noted the filming does continue on location for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and anyone who has additional reports, please send them in!

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