More on Location Filming for “Half-Blood Prince”


Oct 25, 2007

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Last night, TLC had two reports (and photo) from readers who were in the village of Lacock, Wiltshire, England where crews are preparing to film some scenes for the upcoming “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.” They sent in their reports, noting that filming was due to begin tonight for the sixth Harry Potter movie, and the local paper now has two articles confirming this, as anticipation is high in the village for the arrival of actor Dan Radcliffe. The owner of the Lacock bakeryis interviewed, stating how open and honest crews from WB have been, saying “I have put on extra orders of cakes and treats for the crew who have been coming in every morning since they arrived. I am hoping Harry Potter will pop in himself and sample one of my pastries.”

The paper also has several photos of the preparation being done for the filiming which takes place starting tonight and runs through Saturday night. “They have also painted a number of houses a darker colour to make them appear more sinister to shoot scenes with the ghoulish Death Eaters.” As our report last night indicated there is work being done by the crews, and at this link you can see a photo of what we told you last night regarding a piece of lighting equipment that will be used to create ‘moonlight’

“The light will look like moonlight and it is made up of lots of smaller lights inside to give that strong effect.”People keep trying to guess what it is and what is going on.” It is thought that the bridge outside Cantax House was due to be flooded for the scene in which Harry Potter arrives looking for a new wizard tutor.”

Stay tuned, as we hope to have continuing reports from those in the area this week!
Thanks radcakesfan!

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