Photos from “Half-Blood Prince” Filming in Lacock: Home, Yew Hedges, and Props for a GraveYard

Oct 25, 2007

Posted by: SueTLC


We have another great report from the village of Lacock, Wiltshire, England where location filming for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” is set to begin this evening. TLC reader Pinkmoosely, who brought us one of the reports from last night, returned today, and has more details on sets being prepared for filming including fake Yew Hedges, photos of a house to be used, and most interesting, props labeled for a “graveyard.”

Pinkmoosely spoke with several members of the Warner Brothers crew, one who told him” only three main cast are here, not all of them” but it was not mentioned which three, as well as spotting a ‘tour bus’ being moved around the compound it looked like the kind of thing one of the stars would use.” He also stressed that security is HIGH and let us know a “compound for the actors is just a farmers field but it has been sectioned off and there is security every 50 yards or so around the whole area and at every gate, path etc…”

Of the various sets being prepared, Pinkmoosely took photos of that lighting fixture which is being used to provide “moonlight,” and noted that he”saw blue screens being moved in to position, a box of plaster props marked ‘graveyard’ and they have started to construct a foam statue/cross a little up the road from the house.” Of the home he wrote “some crew were discussing setting the camera in the pathway to the house to capture the cast walking towards it, this is when I noticed opposite the house they have now constructed a fake Yew hedge (very realistic) which will be behind the cast when they take this shot.”

You can now see the photos he took, here in our galleries. Thanks so much Pinkmoosely. These reports are appreciated by all, and if anyone is in the area while filming, please continue to send in your reports and photos and we will post them.

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