Rare First Edition of “Philosopher’s Stone” Sells at Auction


Oct 25, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Christie’s Auction House in London, England recently put up a rare signed, first edition copy of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” for auction, which today sold for a staggering £19,700 ($40,420). The BBC reports, experts had estimated the value of this edition between £8,000-£12,000. A proof copy of the first book was also included in the auction which, despite a misspelling of author J. K. Rowling’s name on the cover, sold for £2,250.

The article also notes a second auction which featured a signed paperback edition of “Philosopher’s Stone” along side a signed first edition hardcover copy of “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.” This set was sold for £1,250 ($2,500).

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6 Responses to Rare First Edition of “Philosopher’s Stone” Sells at Auction

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I want one!

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Jeez….I’d love a copy too!

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Where do they keep finding these things? I want one, too! LOL

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Several years ago they sold a first edition on the BBC show “CASH IN THE ATTIC” ... it only went for something like $55, a disappointing result at that time according to the host of the show … wonder if the buyer hung onto it and now has a fortune on their book shelf.

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WHOA! That’s a whole lot of money for a book by an author that hasn’t even passed yet! Usually these things don’t get all nutty until the author dies.

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I have a signed first edition CoS. NEVER EVER selling it its too cool :D and well worth queing to meet her when it first came out.

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