Director Guillermo Del Toro Would be Interested in “Deathly Hallows” Film

Oct 26, 2007

Posted by: SueTLC


Direction Guillermo Del Toro has given a new interview to MTV where he speaks again of his interest in possibly helming a Harry Potter film, in particular the film adaptation of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” Mr. Del Toro, who was approached for Prisoner of Azkaban (and ultimately directed by his good friend Alfonso Cuaron) says he might still make a Harry Potter movie, providing Warner Brothers lets him make the movie as he sees fit and on his own terms.

“They came to me once, for the third one’ he remembered of “The Prisoner of Azkaban”. “I’ve read them all, and when I read the books before the movies were done, I always pictured Charles Dickens – they were very Dickens-ian. The situation of Harry Potter reminded me a lot of Pip from ˜Great Expectations’. I saw them as deeper, more creaky, more corroded; then [the stories] were textured very differently when the first two movies came out. They were so bright and happy and full of light, that I wasn’t interested.”

After seeing the last few films, however, the director famed for a shadowy imagination and morally ambiguous characters has begun to reconsider. “They seem to be getting eerie and darker ¦ If they come back to me, I’ll think about it.”

As announced previously, the film version of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” is set to go into production sometime in 2009, with a release slated for sometime in 2010.

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