Dan Radcliffe Film “My Boy Jack” to Air November 11 on ITV1


Oct 30, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

“My Boy Jack,” the new television movie starring actor Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter), is scheduled to have its first broadcast November 11th, from 9pm – 11pm (local time) on UK television channel ITV1. The film, as we’ve told you previously, stars Dan Radcliffe as ‘Jack’ in this First World War drama. TLC reader Wendy, also gave us word that the most recent issue of Radio Times Magazine features a note about next week’s issue, which is slated to have a behind-the-scenes look at “My Boy Jack” with Dan Radcliffe himself.

Dan is also scheduled to be a guest on the long-running Parkinson program, also on ITV1, November 3rd. While appearing to promote his latest project , we are hopeful for an update on the latest Harry Potter film, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” filming for which is now underway. If you are able to capture this program, please send it to [email protected]!

Thanks to Wendy!

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Can’t wait to see ‘My boy Jack’ Its such a sad story, I hope they do it justice.

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Sounds great. I don’t usually watch war films, but I’ll watch this. I’ll definitely watch him on Parkinson.

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I notice Dawn French (the fat lady) is on this episode of Parkinson, along with her long time co-comedian Jennifer Saunders (they were behind the Chamberpot of Azerbijan spoof).

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Yeah, i noticed that too. Do they film this usually all at the same time, where they have the other guests sitting in on the interview or do they film them separately? Is there a chance we’d see the three together?

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I wonder why Dan has to go on a promotional tour for this movie. I’m not really complaining cause we’ll have lots of Dan pics and interviews again but I’m just really puzzled about it. Why promote it when it’s going to be shown on TV anyway? It’s not exactly as if the viewers will pay to see it. The cast of High school musical also made an all out promotion for the movie and I just don’t get it cause no one is buying tickets anyway. It’s free on TV!

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If they don’t promote the show nobody will watch it!! And therefore less money will go to ITV’s drama department for programming. It’s a good thing that he is promoting it, it shows that Dan obviously cares about the project.

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hazel, but tv is not exactly ‘free’, ITV gets more money if they have more audience. Having Dan means a lot of audience (many many HP fans and many many Dan fans) so obviously it’s good for the tv channel to have him, for the movie and also for this tv show. Also, they will release the DVD soon, and those are not free, this means a promotion for that too. A lot of people have already ordered it.

I can not wait to watch this movie, and also I’m immpatient to know about how the filming for HBP is going on!! :D

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It’s great that My Boy Jack is airing on Rememberance Day. November 11th and the wearing of Red Poppies is all about remembering and honouring our war dead (whether or not we agree with war itself). British and British Commonwealth men and women laying their lives on the line for Queen and Country is what it’s all about.

My Boy Jack is a sad story though, there was a documentary on Rudyard Kipling’s life and his search for his son earlier this year on BBC1.

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I’m glad you mentioned that, Zee—here in America, we used to call November 11th “Armistice Day”, marking the “11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month” when the allied British, French, Americans and Italians and their foes the Germans (and Austro/Hungarians and Turks) agreed to lay down their arms. Everyone hoped that would be the end of what they then called, “The War To End All Wars”. (Yes, the Russians also fought the Germans in WWI, but when the Bolshevik Revolution erupted in 1917, the country pulled out of the conflict.)

Because few WWI veterans are alive 90 years after this conflict, the US has changed the name of this observance to “Veterans’ Day”, when we honor all those Americans, living and dead, who have fought in foreign conflicts.

Check out Wikipedia for more information on World War I, which most historians consider the dawn of modern warfare (tanks, mustard gas, trench combat, airplanes and aerial attacks, long range cannons). 20 million people (civilians and military) perished (most civilians died from famine) and 21 million were injured; the term “shellshock” was coined to label the severe psychological trauma many soldiers experienced from this horrific war. World War I changed the face of the world as we know it in the 20th century, and set the stage for the rise of the Third Reich and the even more hellish Second World War.

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radcakesfan- yes Parkinson usually has guests appearing on the sofa together. As far as I remember from times past anyway. I haven’t watched it recently.

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