“Half-Blood Prince” Casting for Continues in Gloucester; Filming Possibly Next February


Oct 30, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

The casting of extras to be used in background scenes for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince film continues this week in Gloucester, England. Previously we told you crews from Warner Brothers would be returning to Gloucester Cathedral to film scenes for the sixth Harry Potter film, and the local paper has more on the students who are all hopeful to be cast as an extra for the movie. This is Gloucestershire reports:

Excited pupils were measured and had their pictures taken as part of the process. They also had to sign a confidentiality agreement with the movie giants to make sure the beans are not spilt about the film ahead of time. Jonathan Binns, 12, of Minchinhampton, hopes he will be chosen.

He said: “I think they’re just looking for people who can act natural.I’ve read most of the Harry Potter books and I really hope I get a part.”

Marketing manager Sharon Bird said: “The whole experience becomes a huge part of school life and children really enjoy being part of what is probably the biggest movie series in history.”

UPDATE: While this has not yet been confirmed by WB, we’ve gotten word that this filming is set to take place next February, around the 7 and 8th during the hours of 7am to 7pm. More when we get it! Thanks Becca and Radcakesfan!

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Makes me wish I was British. My kids would love to be extras!

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I know when the filming is going to be. Who do I tell? Or email?

My friend got to audition!!! :D I’m very excited for her. :P

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I am more curious to know when Lavender Brown is going to be announced.

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Hi Becca You can alway email us here via the direct contact (mine is [email protected]) or send it to [email protected] How exciting for your friend, very cool! :) Sue for Leaky

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Who better to cast as “School Children” than SCHOOL CHILDREN!!! Way cool. I am envious but happy for them! Remember, “kiddies”, they’ll need A LOT of them! That “Great Hall” is huge! :)

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Squawks Next February? How can they make us wait that long? We oughta sue…Torture is illegal.

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Why was my post deleted? It wasn’t a hateful comment. I just said that they’re measuring the kids because they need to have shorter actors. It’s a common thing to do in the film industry. Why would you delete my post? Do you only keep posts that are always happy and cheery and only say wonderful things about the actors. I didn’t even say anything bad? There’s nothing wrong with being short. I’m just as short as Dan. I can’t believe you guys.

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why dont they cast real potter fans as extras instead of idiots who have ’’read most of the books’‘

all of us hardcore fans would kill for a chance to be in the films.

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