Lily and Stag Inn Harry Potter Reading Groups

Oct 30, 2007

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color=”#a50000″ id=”kqjr0″> Sort now for our Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Reading Groups.
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Now that Pottermore is up, we’ve got loads of new, exciting ways to look at these earlier books. New information on individual characters, background information, and more juicy insight to places and objects ’ we’ll discuss them all in a new light! If you’d like to join the discussion, just color=”#a50000″ id=”kqjr0″> click here.

Located in The Leaky Lounge,
our Lily and Stag Inn Reading Groups feature wonderful, small group
discussions in a close-knit, family-like environment. These small
groups read one book at a time, looking beyond the surface of the text
and getting down to the deeper meaning. The rooms are hidden away from
public view, so only members of our Lily and Stag Inn are able to read
or take part in the discussion.

Each group is led by several discussion facilitators ready to serve you
up a wonderful reading experience in a small, friendly and relaxed
atmosphere! Our Reading Group managers, atschpe and birthday twins are there to answer any questions you might have, so please feel free
to send them a private message on our Leaky Lounge, or you can post
questions in the Lily and Stag Inn Public Forum.

A special thanks to our wonderful anguinea for the beautiful image of Ivana Reidmore, hostess of The Lily and Stag Inn.

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