First Look at “Half-Blood Prince” Due with UK OotP DVD November 12

Nov 07, 2007

Posted by: SueTLC


As reported many times previously, the UK is set to see the release of the “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” DVD in a few days on November 12. This is Nottingham has a preview article today regarding this DVD, and notes that among the extras will be “DVD-ROM content including timeline and ‘link’ to a sneak peak [sic] of Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince.”

At this point we do not know what is to be contained in this sneak peek, if there will new footage of the sixth Harry Potter film or comments from the crew or cast. Any lucky UK resident that can give us details on this “Half-Blood Prince” sneak, please send them in! Also, we believe that many of the press interviews conducted last weekend for the preview of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix DVD will be released this weekend, so stay tuned!

On another related note, thanks to Harry Latino for letting us know they were able to capture more of the OotP DVD menus and such (including screencaps of the behind the scenes special on the DVD hosted by Natalia Tena (Tonks). You can see these (spoiler caution) here.

Finally, there is a new article online about actress Charlotte Hunter, who is Emma Watson’s double in the Harry Potter films, and she speaks briefly about being in OotP,as well as returning for “Half-Blood Prince.” She says:

“Because the rules governing children’s working hours are so strict it means that whenever Daniel (Radcliffe), Emma (Watson) or Rupert (Grint) are on set they want to use them – so it’s all close ups and shots where you can see their faces.

“When they are done it’s back to the school work and my fellow doubles and I are used for long shots and cut aways. If you see Hermoine’s legs running along somewhere or a pair of hands picking up a wand or a quill then they are probably mine.”

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