“Half-Blood Prince” Sneak Peek Revealed; First Look at the Orphanage, New Quidditch Uniforms and More


Nov 12, 2007

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Wasting no time, fans have now uploaded both clips of the “Harry and the Half-Blood Prince” sneak peek online, and these videos contain many new glimpses of things to be seen in the upcoming sixth Harry Potter film. Shown are a new interview with the costume designer who reveals the stylish new Quidditch uniforms for Gryffindor Seeker Harry Potter and Keeper Ron Weasley, as well as the new uniforms for Team Slytherin. Also part of this special sneak preview is a a new interview with production designer Stuart Craig, who discusses his sketches and models for the Orphanage where Dumbledore first meets Voldemort. Other new looks include glimpses of Professor Dumbledore in the Cave, Harry and Dumbledore with the pensieve, Harry talking with Arthur Weasley, and much more. Readers will remember this sneak peek is part of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix DVD that was released today in the United Kingdom. UPDATE:The video which was on youtube, has now been removed .

Thanks to UHP, Alex, Ryan and all who owled!

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