Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” Tops at the UK Box Office


Nov 13, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

The UK Film Council has released a new report today that shows Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix led the way this year at the UK Box Office. The Guardian reports that Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, “a joint UK-US production from Warner Brothers,” has “grossed £49.2m up to September 23.”

It has been one of the most enduring cinematic cliches that the troubled British film industry is regarded as an embarrassment, churning out unloved productions made on a shoestring that struggle to compete with Hollywood blockbusters.

But this year the industry’s fortunes have seen a big improvement as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Hot Fuzz, Miss Potter and Atonement have all helped to expand the market share for British productions at the UK box office. British films account for 27% of box office takings so far this year, against 19% for the whole of 2006, according to figures published today by the UK film industry.

John Woodward, chief executive officer of the UK Film Council, said: “It’s been a strong half year of consolidation for film production in the UK.Currently domestic films are steady and we’ve had strong inward investment from the US again this year. When you couple that with the incredibly strong box office for British films you can see that the underlying trends are very healthy.”
A spokeswoman added: “We are not just talking about the Harry Potter effect, though powerful films like Potter or Bond will always have their own impact. We have had the most amazing year with a wide range of different British films, starting on the tail end of The History Boys, followed by Notes on a Scandal and The Last King of Scotland.”

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The british films are among my favourites. It is pretty difficult to do better than ” Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barels ” or Snatch or Layer Cake for example.

The british film industry is absolutely essential to the global culture on this planet. The Brits are first class for humour of any kind, but mostly the refined and subtle. We see perfect example of that humour in Rumpole of the Baily,”Yes, Prime Minister”, The Thin Blue Line or even in something as silly as Are you Being served?

I cannot see my live without british cultural productions of any kind. They are the best, period.

Rule Britannia, culturaly speaking, of course.

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I’m surprised to hear that the British film industry was ever “regarded as an embarrassment”. I love British films and I think the British acting community is the best in the world. “Notes on a Scandal” is my favorite film from last year. Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett were WONDERFUL!

Maybe British films generally don’t make a lot of money, but I think they’re much better than the usual junk coming out of Hollywood. Seems to me that most Hollywood films are intended for adolescent boys.

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I must confess to enjoying the “wit” and subtle sarcasm portayeyed in brittish films, but as I am a “Britt” I could be a “little biased”.I do enjoy films I often dont get chance to see a “full film” at a time. I have loved the “Harry Potter” films (even though I have had to watch them in “parts” ) OotP is my fav at the moment.

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KBPrez I agree with you about the quality of British Films. You don’t need massive budgets to produce quality and Hollywood does churn out rubbish.

But my question about the films quoted in this piece is – are they really British, ie British funded? HP and Hot Fuzz were backed with US money. The British Film industry shouldn’t be boasting. They don’t support or fund our film-makers enough in this country and it’s misleading to count American-funded films as wholly British.

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If the brits sticks to their traditions and vast culture, their cinematic industry will thrive.

I am over 60 and have frequently heard doomsday sayers predict the end of their industry. As long as they do not try to imitate the americans and remain what they are : brits, they will survive and prosper.

Has anyone seen Keeping Mum. With Maggy Smith and Rowan Atkinson in an unusual role. So british and so good.


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well congratulations! =) i never thought British films as below the other countries’.

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