“Deathly Hallows” Translation Released in Portugal and in the Netherlands (Updated)


Nov 17, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

The country of Portugal is now celebrating the release of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” as the translated version of the seventh book in author J. K. Rowling’s series was released there today. TLC reader Rute, tells us of a midnight release party for winners of the previously announced contest, complete with a Potions Classroom and HoneyDukes Shop, full of tasty sweet treats. The party also featured people dressed up as the characters of Hagrid and Professor McGonagall, entertaining the children along with the sounds of Moaning Myrtle playing throughout the night.

Updated: In addition to its release in Portugal, the translation of “Deathly Hallows” was also released in the Netherlands on November 17th. The book, published by de Harmonie, was translated by Wiebe Budingh and contains 512 pages. The cover art for this book, containing the title, can be seen right here in our Image Galleries.

Thanks to Rute and Frits for mailing!

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It’s hard to believe people are only just getting the book in certain parts of the world.

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The dutch translation has also been released today.

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I’m from portugal and I got the book at midnight the 21st July, like most people. It just wasn’t in portuguese And I had to read it in English ( which was my intention all along). The thing is, and this is for you, Erin, people in portugal could get the book just like everybody else.

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the book in spanish still hasn’t date, nor title or cover. we are tired of salamandra publisher. they wont say nothing about the book until JANUARY. it is an insult to the fandom. moreover, they make changes from jkr’s original book: i hope the author makes something.

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Hope The Leaky Cauldron will also mention that @ midnight, 17 november, the Dutch translation of Deathly Hallows also has been released.

I also read it in English July 21. Unfortunately not much celebrated by stores then. Last night it was party (for fans) around the country though.

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I have also read the English version, so now I’ll have the chance to compare the Dutch translation with the original one. I’m sure that I won’t be disappointed, I’ve always been very content with Wiede Buddingh’s translation.

In my opinion, the Dutch translations are among the best in Potter – at least, that has been the case with the previous six translations.

Unfortunately, the Dutch coverart is often not as good as that of many other foreign editions.

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Hehe, I’m Dutch, and although I’d read the English one this summer, I’m really happy I can read this one now ^^ The cover is really nice, more beautifull than you would think when you see it on the internet.

Oh, and by the way, the book contains 541 pages, although I thought it would contain 512 pages as well :p But I don’t care it contains more pages than I expected ofcourse xD =D

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That might be due to the fact that the Dutch language often uses more words than English, when it comes to saying the same thing in both languages. In the course of a 500+ page book, this will accumulate into a significant difference in the total number of pages in the book.

Then again, the difference in the number of pages may be resulting from a different fontsize or it may have been caused by certain differences in the printing and/or binding processes.

I didn’t dislike nor like the artwork that’s been used. It’s not particulary good nor particulary bad. It’s just not my thing. But that’s in the end just a personal opinion.

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Woohoo! Finally, the dutch translation has arrived! Now I can buy it! Well, I actually can’t buy it right now, cause I’m broke, but I will as soon as possible. No rush, I’ve read the english version.

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It has also been released in Flanders (Belgium) because they speak also Dutch there.

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I’m portuguese and yeah, I’m going to read it again now. I read it in english but I like to read again as many little things escape me. I like the translations, though, they have good ideas for Jo’s word games.

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Although I have also read the English edition, I went to get the Dutch translation at midnight Friday night at our local book store. I had never been to a midnight opening before, and it was my very last chance. There was nothing special, but it was great fun anyway. There were at least 50 people there (it’s a large village, but not very large). The shop’s staff were dressed up like witches. They had put up some decorations, and there was lemonade and candy. With the book we received a Harry Potter bag (with ao pictures of all 7 Dutch covers), a magnet of the dragon from the cover, a door hanger, a sticker with a ‘moving’ blue eye, and a temporary tattoo of a lightning bolt. I am so happy, I went. It was lovely.

And I agree with Tom, the cover isn’t as bad as it seemed, when it was first shown on the internet (or maybe it has grown on me). My favorite Dutch covers are still book 5 en 6, however. (Although I like the ones for book 1 and 3 as well, but they are less ‘special’).

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I’m italian and I read it this summer in english….the italian versio is going to come on th 6 of january…and I’m sure it will be horrible like the last….

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