Wizard and Muggle Photography Contest Winners Announced


Nov 18, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

Last month our contest crew brought you their latest contest, to see who could dress most creatively as a wizard ‘blending’ into Muggle society. You sent in your most creative and hilarious images of wizards taking to the streets, interacting with non-magic folk, and showing off their Muggle dressing skills. Our contest staff has handed in the results, and we can now announce the winners of our “Wizards Dressed as Muggles” Contest.

First Place: Muggles Take Manhattan – Merri M.

Hi! I’m Merri and my sister Terri and I went to NY for the Open Book Tour. Besides finding out Dumbledore was gay live, we also did a photo shoot entitled ” ‘Muggles’ Take Manhattan”. I fell in love with the sombrero, Hawaiian shirt and kilt I bought from the same Muggle shop. My sister bought her ensemble from a Muggle yard sale: the turban, shirt, vest, and scarf/skirt. We bought the rain boots together and wore them all the time… since it really could rain at any moment. This shot is from a subway station where it seems we were going through the exit, not the entrance. A few very kind Muggles tried to help us… with little success. Apparently we needed these little bits of yellow paper, but we just gave up and walked.

Second Place: Muggle Library – Janet K.

My name is Ariel Flewdraft, and I work for the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts division of the Ministry of Magic. We got a tip about a book with magical portraits in it that had somehow wound up at a muggle library, so I had to go find the book, check it out under a false name, and of course that library will never see the book again. It was hard to get the book out of the building discretely though, because the portrait on the front cover WOULD talk to me!

Third Place: Teen Wizards Rent Movies – Tracey G.

As a reminder, we recently launched our newest contest where we asked you to express what this past year in the fandom has meant to you using either art, video, or creative writing as the medium of your choice. The deadline to enter the Potter Year in Summary Contest is December 23, 2007 at 11:59 pm EST. Complete rules and guidelines can be found here.

For more information on this and all of our other contests, be sure to check out the Contest Page as well as the Contest Corner discussion forums on the Leaky Lounge.

Congratulations to all!

15 Responses to Wizard and Muggle Photography Contest Winners Announced

Avatar Image says:

My friend Celia dresses like this all the time and somehow manages to (almost) blend in to normal society.

Avatar Image says:

Haha, wonderful job guys :)

Avatar Image says:

The 1st place winners are my best friends cousins!! That’s so cool that they are on leaky.

Avatar Image says:

What a great set of photos! The really odd thing, though, is that most of the Muggle Teenagers, my son hangs out with, dress like that. All the time.LOL And yes, Amy, they do blend in (kinda). Great job, all! You are to be heartily congratulated! *)

Avatar Image says:

congrats to all winners… they were really creative. I loved the first place winners. I also think the new contest is really cool. This really has been a packed year for the HP fans world wide, what with OotP coming out and with the DH release… the fandom really has been amazing this year. =D


Avatar Image says:

I don’t think the 3rd place people look that different from normal! Except the expressions XD

Meh, I wish I’d entered. I’d picked out my outfit and took it home from uni with me so I could do it, but then no-one would go out in public with me so I had no-one to take a photo of me!

Congrats to the winners anyway =D

Avatar Image says:

LOL it should have been called Muggles dressed as Wizards dressed as Muggles.

Avatar Image says:

I take it there were only three entries in total?

Avatar Image says:

Nice entries! Is there anywhere we can see the other photo entries?

Avatar Image says:

Umm ok then….. the first one is pretty O.K but the other two just look like special people going about their daily business. i agree with ‘Covered in bees’, surely these had to be the only three entries for you to choose these?

Avatar Image says:

I like the first place winners. :D

Avatar Image says:

Wow these are brilliant! Some people have lots of confidence to go around in that! Fantastic!

Avatar Image says:

I think that the first place winners look FANTASTIC. I think that they deserve a lot a credit for going out in new york city dressed like that. They are SO much better than all of you. They also went to JKR’s reading and book signing dressed like that (they are friends of friends)and she said “GREAT COSTUME”. So if its good enough for JKR it should be good enough for you.

Avatar Image says:

I’ve looked at these photo’s again, but I’m still at a loss as to how these won, other than they were the only ones who entered.

Go to any large city and you’ll see people, quite a few actually, wearing obviously mismatched clothes. Or go to any Wal-Mart and you’ll see people shopping in their pajama’s.

What I would have expected from a contest such as this, is people putting in a bit more effort, at least some originality. How about an outfit that is several decades out of date and keeping in more with the books? Or even better, some in wizard robes. There would be quite a few who would refuse to dress down in muggle wear.

Avatar Image says:

weren’t the winners already announced

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