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Nov 19, 2007

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For everything Ron Weasley!

How do you feel about this third of our beloved trio? Do you think he’s lazy, or just used to living in the shadow of first his brothers and now the most famous wizard in modern history? (Don’t tell You Know Who I said that!) What are yout theories about Ron? Check the list below for all current links regarding Ron and join our other members in their discussion!)

Leaky Lounge Discussions on Ron:

What Does Ron Smell Like?

Why’d JKR Make a Point About Saying Ron Didn’t Get Any “Outstanding” O.W.L.s?

Ron is Dumbledore This is the discussion of the theory that appeared on Knight2Knight. The orginal article is linked below in external links.

Ron Weasley – Part 2, Hero? Zero? Or somewhere in between?

Ron Weasley – Part 1, Hero? Zero? Or somewhere in between?

Poll: Harry, Ron, and Hermione, the Formation of a Friendship

Ron Weasley: Hero’s sidekick

What will happen to Ron in the next book?

Ron’s death: A theory

Harry & Ron: Equals?, A bit of friendly competition between our heros

Leaky Lounge Gallery:

Rupert Grint > Ron Weasley A link to the gallery album for all pictures of Rupert Grint, included character shots and public appearances.

Floo Network Links to Ron:

Ronald Bilius Weasley This page comes from the HP Lexicon. The Lexicon is a great resource for all things HP. The page on Ron gives you name meanings, birthday, wand core information, and much, much more!

Timeline of Ron’s Life From the HP Lexicon

Quotes by and about Ron Weasley Also from the HP Lexicon

External Links to Ron:

Weasley is Our King This is a critical analysis of Ron’s role and how it relates to the game of chess, as well as to the Ron is Dumbledore theory, which JKR herself commented on!

Ron Weasley Wikipedia site on Ron. Wikipedia can be a great resource, but I must caution members that this site is NOT an official TLC, Floo Network, or JKR related site. Information may not be as reliable as official info from TLC or JKR herself.

Daily Prophet Bios – Ron Weasley The Warner Bros site for bios from the characters as they are in the movies.

Wheezy! A Ron Weasley Shrine A Ron Weasley fan site hosted by a fan. Not an official fan club*

NOTE: Many thanks must go to Pleione and waggawaggawerewolf for their efforts and collaboration on this thread!

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