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Nov 19, 2007

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Severus Snape, Potions Master, disliked most intently by Harry Potter and most student at Hogwarts as well as most readers. At the end of Half-Blood Prince we watch as Snape seems to ruthlessly kill Albus Dumbledore, his teacher but the question remains: Why is he the way he is? Is Snape really evil? and Did he kill Dumbledore to help Harry or Voldemort win in the end?

We may not find out the final truth until the end of The Dealthy Hallows but the subject is debate heavy and can be very confusing. So here are some threads, essays, refernces, etc to help you thru his past, present and future. His loyalties, his anger and possible love.

The Character of Snape – Discussion/Information on who Snape is

HP Lexicon: Severus Snape Page
Wikipedia: Severus Snape
SnapeCast – the definitive podcast about Severus Snape

Corner Booth Chats:
Corner Booth Www Chat 11-8-06, The Enigmatic Severus Snape
The Corner Booth Transcript From 5/3, Wize Wednesday Topic – Snape’s Life Debt

Active Threads
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Snape’s Relationships with Others
Snape and Harry’s Relationship
Snape and Voldemort Relationship
Snape & Hermione
Snape & Neville
Possible Madam Pince/Snape Connection
Birds and features:Snape and Krum related? And has Krum information about Snapes backround?

Scribbulus Essays

Machiavelli’s Half-Blood Prince? by Andrew Cooper
Matters of the Mind: Snape’s Memory-Altering Tactics by Sugarquill
Dark, Obsessive Love: Snape’s Real Vendetta Revealed by Dave
Boil Him in Shampoo! by MaraudingDon
Severus Snape: An Astrological Portrait by Witherwings
Severus Snape and the Anubis Archetype: Smoke and Mirrors by ClunyCat

Snape’s Background

Active Threads
Snape’s Worst Memory, Part 1
Snape’s Worst Memory, Part 2
Events Which Shaped Snape
Snape and Lily Connection: Did Snape Really Care About Lily?
Snape Did Not Love Lily
Snape and the Prophecy, When Did He Walk In
Snape’s Life Debt : What Happened at the Whomping Willow
Snape’s Early Dark Education
Musings on Snape’s Family
Why Did Snape and James Hate Each Other So Much?
Snape: Dumbledore’s Harry?

Snapes Loyalties… Which Side is He On. Discussions/Essays

Active Threads:
Snape – Friend or Foe? Part 32 – this is the main thread for the discussion on where Snape’s loyalty lies…
DD’s Reason for Trusting Snape – thread for discussion on why DD would trust him.
Poll: Will the Real Severus Snape Please Stand Up – this thread is now closed but has some good information in it.
DD and Snape’s Plan – did they have one
Snape and James
Dumbledore Impersonated a Trustworthy Snape at Spinner’s End

Scribbulus Essays:
Faithful Snape by Arthura Weasley
An Analysis of Spinner’s End by SDCurtis
Dumbledore’s Man by HawthorneandPhoenix
Half Blood, Half Prince by towerdweller

Finding Hogwarts

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