“Experience The Power” Marketing for Harry Potter DVDs


Nov 21, 2007

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As we first reported back in September then again this week, Warner Bros will be launching a major marketing campaign promoting the release of the “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” DVD and all of the Harry Potter movies in High Definition. The first evidence of this has now appeared in the November 23 issue of Entertainment Weekly, featuring three fold -out full page ads from the front cover of the magazine. On a photo of the DA flying over London, the ad trumpets the words “Experience the Power” on one page, another features the first four Harry Potter films and the special limited edition Gift Set, with the third page noting “Play it on your PS3!” promoting Harry Potter in High Definition. If anyone has scans, please send them in!

As reported previously, WB will be continuing to promote the December 11 release of the “Order of the Phoenix” DVD and the others via media outlets such as EW, People Magazine, as well as MTV and during the ABC Harry Potter weekend and beyond.

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