Portus Announces Snapefest and Registration Discount

Nov 23, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Calling all Snape fans! Portus 2008 has released their monthly newsletter and has news that there will be a special Snapefest day during the Harry Potter conference to be held next summer in Dallas, Texas. This Snapefest will include “presentations, roundtable discussions, panels, trivia contests, competitions, displays of fan art and videos and costume fashion shows.” Snapefest is open only to registered Portus attendees who are 21 years of age at no additional cost. You can find out more about this special event to honor Professor Severus Snape via this link.

Also, if you are interested in attending Portus 2008, you can take advantage of a special discount in registration by using the code “TURKEY” when signing up for the event (link here), and this discount is only good this weekend (November 23, 24 and 25th). Additional announcements include the naming of the Saturday Keynote Speaker, Monique Trottier who was the Internet marketing manager at Raincoast, the Canadian publishers of the Harry Potter novels. Finally, there is to be a Podcast Palooza featuring an evening of Harry Potter related podcasts.

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way kewl !

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This just reinforces me going to Terminus instead of Portus. A whole fest dedicated to one character? It’s not even Harry, the main one. I’ll pass.

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Well, Lumos was all but a Snapefest as it was, and there are WAY more than just 50 huge fans, so I know this thing will be sold out incredibly fast. Besides, this is happening the day before Portus, so even if you came to Portus, you wouldn’t have to even take note of it happening provided you got there that early. crosses fingers in the hopes that I can get in Snape is the most interesting character to a lot of us as it is, so it’ll be awesome to be at a ‘fest where we can focus on just him without having to be distracted by the others! LOL :)

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I’m glad that he’s the most interesting character to you, but he’s just one character. Snapefen tend to frustrate me. Not Snape fans, but the rabid fen- especially after DH. I’ve tried to fight it, but they’ve really sullied my opinion of his character (and made me love James Potter more, for one). Knowing that there’s likely going to be an extra large congregation of the not so nice type of fen there (more so than usual) is discouraging to me when deciding which one to go to. That’s all there is to it.

Plus the enormous Wizard Rock fest is a great incentive for Terminus.

I guess it’s really not a big deal (okay it isn’t a big deal at all), but it just didn’t strike a good note with me when I read it.

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And by fen I mean an extra amount of panels and such, and thus fewer things I’m interested in. This covers the sane Fen as well. I’m just not interested in 6xinfinity Snape panels. I’m not meaning to say that I’m against Portus doing this. It’s their symposium, their choice. But for me, now knowing there are probably fewer panels and such I’d be interested in it’s a deciding factor against it.

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Aww, I’m sorry you’ve had bad experiences with Snapefen. I guess you could always look at it as a way for a majority of Snape-centric panels and such to happen before Portus actually starts, and leaving more room for other things during Portus itself. shrug Now, about the huge Wrockfest going on at Terminus, I’ll admit, that was a huge point in its favour, but DFW has other draws for me and mine, since we have family and friends there too. LOL I guess family, friends, fellow fen, and Snape all combine to trump Wrock for me. ;) wonders if the Hilton Anatole has any idea what it got itself into… snerk

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Well I’m all for Snapefest and really hope I’ll be able to register before it sells out! If nothing else, someone needs to show some respect for the mindless, hapless pawn JKR left to die alone on the floor of the shrieking shack. He’s long overdue for some true consideration.

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If nothing else, someone needs to show some respect for the mindless, hapless pawn JKR left to die alone on the floor of the shrieking shack. He’s long overdue for some true consideration.

...This is exactly why I have problems with Snapefen. Please.

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You need to be 21?! I’m 18 so I cant attend Snapefest?

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