Rickman, Bonham Carter Talk “Harry Potter” and “Sweeney Todd”

Nov 27, 2007

Posted by: SueTLC


While in London recently promoting their new film “Sweeney Todd,” IESB.net reports that actors Alan Rickman and Helena Bonham Carter also mentioned their roles in the Harry Potter films. Actress Helena Bonham Carter states yet again that she will be back as Bellatrix Lestrange filming “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” in February of 2008. Alan Rickman was described as “reticent” to discuss his role as Professor Severus Snape, however the actor “laughed about the recent rumor of a JK Rowling inspired musical; “who is shoving that around?” He also joked about an adult film version of the series making the rounds as well. To read (Mature content and language in article) click here.

On a related note, IESB.net now has nine clips online from the upcoming film, which is based on the award winning musical by Stephen Sondheim. Via this link, you can see new footage of Helena Bonham Carter in a lovely piece set to the classic song “Not While I’m Around,” as well as a new clip of actor Timothy Spall (Peter Petigrew) and one featuring Alan Rickman at his chilling best as the evil Judge Turpin. Caution for Parents: The film, which has been rated “R” contains mature subject matter with violence, and is not suitable for young children.

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