J.K.Rowling Donates Signed “Deathly Hallows” Book for Charity Raffle


Nov 29, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Author J.K. Rowling has donated an autographed copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for a charity raffle. The Scotsman reports that Jo donated this book to Trefoil House, an organization in Edinburgh, Scotland to help “much-needed funds for its work with children who have special needs or disabilities.” The raffle is due to be held as part of their 2007 Christmas Bonanza December 4 and 5 at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange, New Market Road, with organizers of the event noting:

“We are absolutely delighted by this generous gift. This is a chance for someone to win it without having to pay lots of money as it’s not an auction and as it’s only taking place over two days the odds are good.”

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I am thrilled and pleased, all at the same time. JKR has done so much for children….first, helping them to like reading. Then, all the charity donations. It’s wonderful, to be able to do something like this. Her name carries a lot of influence, and I think that’s great! Too bad more celebrities don’t do the same! Spot on, Jo!

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If you are lucky enough to live in Edinburgh (or are visiting) the Edinburgh Corn Exchanges is located at:

11 New Market Road Edinburgh EH14 1RJ

The entrance donation is 2.50GBP (includes glass of mulled wine & mince pie … free parking available)

Tuesday, 4th December 2:30pm – 7:30 pm Wednesday, 5th December 10 am – 3 pm

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This is great and everything, but don’t you think it would awesome if she wrote a Christmas book, or released something Christmas related in time for Christmas, or next year?

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does she ever just signs stuff when someone meets her on the streets or at a award gala? or does she only sign books and puts them up for charity???

just wondering

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So thoughtful. No-one asked or suggested that this be done.(perhaps there is a lesson to be learned here?)

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@Lizzzzzzzzzz: I imagine she does…I think it is in her nature to do that. It’s just that we don’t hear about the “man-on-the-street” things! LOL RE: Christmas book….you never know what seems to be in JKR’s mind! Just maybe?!

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Maybe she does sign a book occasionally, when someone just comes up to her on the street, but I don’t think she wants it to be known, or she’ll be swamped everytime she goes out of the house ;o)

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And signed copies are, of course, extra special, if there aren’t many of them.

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JKR is really setting an example for children and celebrities everywhere. Even Dan, Emma, and Rupert are involved with charity events, I think she’s really had an impact on their lives.

I wish we could see more acts like these, especially in the US where the actors and such get paid so much. I mean we see Jolie getting on the board for UN, but, honestly what has she done? Or Britney Spears developing her own charity, which she uses to make money off of with tax write offs. I am just so moved by JKR’s generousity and patriotism- everything she does is to benefit the community around her.

Although I still think Beedles could have generated millions of dollars to charities if she had sold the book publicly I like how she rewarded the people who have stuck by her. And I also like how she keeps limits on the amount of books she signs, just makes them that much more precious as someone already mentioned.

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@ Tarana & Confederate Lady

Yea, that’s why i was wondering…

Because when she signs on for ‘the-guy-on-the-street’ his book just rises in value.. i guess.. so that means he could sell it with profit…

and if she signs too many books, the book she puts up for auction is not worth so much money anymore..

that’s why i was wondering.. Thanks for actually responding guys!!

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  • i meant one instead of on
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pretentious thing to do, really. how about, if you’re that committed to a charity, donate money rather than your autograph.

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shut up ugh, this benefits charity and her loyal funs so keep ur trap shut. My friend lives in Edinburgh iv asked her to go along and try to win me the book… its times like this u really appreciate just how lucky u r to hav amazing friends… hey thanks to JKR aswell for helping me realise this!

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She does give money to charity as well, Ugh, but gestures like this give fans the chance to get a special collector’s item (although, sadly the Beedle book is only available to very rich fans, and we the ‘less rich’ fans can only sigh longingly), and it also generates publicity for the charity involved. And imo that’s a very good thing too.

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Only a sensitive and caring person could have written books that cover the range of emotions that the Potter books contain. One can really get a feel for the struggles and suffering that Harry undergoes emotionally.

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