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Nov 29, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

IGN.com has a new behind the scenes clip online from the two-disc special edition of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix DVD. Featuring the creating and filming of the Room of Requirement for the fifth Harry Potter film, this video features new interviews with actors Matt Lewis (Neville Longbottom) and Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter), as well as Director David Yates, Production Designer Stuart Craig and director of photography Slawomir Idziak. To watch this video, click here.

Thanks to UHP for the heads up.

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WOW! Everytime, I see “clips” and such, the more anctious I am to get my copy! I especially like the interviews with Matt Lewis and David Yates. Having been in a similar situation, I can appreciate how difficult the shooting was! They are really brilliant!

Avatar Image says:

I’m panamanian and we already have OotP in stores (zones 1 & 4, english, spanish and portuguese).

I didn’t see this bit though. Where on the extras DVD is it? I thought I had seen it all and was somewhat bummed it had been too short (though I loved Teena’s tour around the studio) but clearly I must have missed a menu somewhere.

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El Caz, you didn’t miss it :D I have the UK edition and there are hardly any bonus features. All the bonus bits are on the HD/Blu-ray editions

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I have the 2-disc special edition (I’m from Australia) and I think there was ONE featurette I didn’t watch, so maybe it was in that one? shrug Unless it’s not on there at all… Which sucks!

But anyway, this was great :D I love Matt Lewis’s accent XD!

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No wonder, Hollie, because I could have sworn I checked everything. The extras DVD is pretty skimpy.

When all the HP DVD’s come out without comments I go “all right, they’re probably too busy filming”. When the DH DVD comes out I really expect to see comments and the works. I mean, come on, they’ll all be out of a job! :)

Avatar Image says:

NOOOOOO!!!!! this shows that the UK version of the DVD is absolutely rubbish!

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I HATED the fact that they focused more on the DA instead of the Order. The film/book is called Harry Potter and the ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, not Harry Potter and the DA.

We saw very little of the Order, and several members were cut (Madungus)

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Thats true Jimi but its also called HARRY POTTER and the Order of the Phoenix and the DA is pretty much Harry’s version of the Order and a pretty big story line.

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I just don’t understand how they can keep cutting important characters?!

Madungus – He has small but significant roles in OotP, HBP, and DH but no one had/has been cast! Kreacher – He has significant parts in HBP, but no casting notes for HBP. Dobby – Same as Kreacher; both have significant roles in DH as well. Trelawney – She mentions that Snape is the one who told Voldy of the Prophecy, minor, but important. Emma Thompson not cast in HBP? Bill Weasley, Fleur DelaCour, Crabbe, Goyle, Vernon, Petunia, Dudley not cast in HBP?

Come on WB!

Romilda Vane, Katie Bell, Leanne, Madam Pomfrey, Madam Rosmerta, FANG! etc…

God only knows if Delores Umbridge, Grawp, etc. will show up for Dumbledore’s Funeral.

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This is really annoying! I have the Australian ‘special’ edition DVD and it’s not on it! The HP DVDs have been pathetic compared to LoR – imagine an extended edition OoTP with everything in it!!!!

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I start to be really annoyed. I have the DVD but there is nothing like this on it. The contents of the Extras DVD are really not worth the money. And these really interesting bits don’t appear at all.

Perhaps someone from WB should read these comments and realise that it is not ok to cut down on the “normal” DVD. Because that is still what most people buy (and can play, come to that).

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So did we wait an extra month in the US for extra features? I like that we have these extras but I think they should have been on all the DVD’s not just the US.

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Can we please have some clarification. Which DVD version are you talking about?

Zone 2 and 4 have been released (not sure about Zone 3). These have the same special features.

Zone 1 is to be released in Dec. Does this version have different special features?

And does these HD DVDs & Blue-Ray have different features altogether?

Can someone please help.

All the DVD regular or HD DVDs & Blue-Ray for all Zones should have the same special features. If not that it so bloody unfair.

Thank god for the internet.

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Warner Brothers really doesn’t know what they’re doing with these Harry Potter DVDs, do they? What a mess. Can’t wait for the day they re-release the DVDs with some content that’s actually worth buying.

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again… AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHH THIS ISNT ON THE BLOODY UK VERSION i get more and more pissed off everytime i hear of one of these new clips, cause iv never bloody seen it before!!! On an unrelated note how cute is lil Nigel fighting with James/Oliver

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