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Nov 30, 2007

Posted by EdwardTLC

WB has updated the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix area of their DVD website once again with a new clip from the fifth film. The new clip features the Dumbledore’s Army members searching the Hall of Prophecies for the orb. You can view this clip right here via the DVD website. The newly added video precedes the part of the movie where the DA members encounter Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter) and Lucius Malfoy (Jason Isaacs), which can be seen here in our Video Galleries.

In addition to this the website has been updated to include previously seen videos from each of the films, showing the cast and crew in interviews and clips from the film.

As a reminder, the “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” DVD will be released in the States December 11.

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again, was this on the UK dvd, I think it was, anyone else care to remember?

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According to the early reviews the US version has the same extra’s as the UK versions. Which has deleted scenes, A Documentary about the series so far (yawn) and a little something about editing which doesn’t really tell you anything you need to know. There are no real behind the scenes extra’s on the dvd besides the Trailing Tonks feature which basicly follows Nat around the different departements which isn’t bad but the real meat only appears on the Blu-ray and HD-dvd versions. The so called focus points. Every major scene in the movie has one and which lasts a couple of minutes and shows you how the scene or an element within a scene was made. The HD-dvd version has one more extra the so called “In Movie Experience” basicly the cast of Dumbledore Army appears in a small picture talking about making the movie, sometimes interrupted with some behind the scenes videos and chocolate frog cards with facts about the cast. At the end of the day the dvd extra’s are a big dissapointment compared to what’s out there and I don’t know why warner keeps promoting the dvd with stuff which doesn’t even appear on it.

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“In addition to this the website has been updated to include previously seen videos from each of the films, showing the cast and crew in interviews and clips from the film.”

OK. Bear with me. I can’t find the clips that are spoken of in the above paragraph. Does anyone know where they are?

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I can’t wait for this DVD to come out! We have two more weeks! My Mother-In-Law says “Don’t buy ANYTHING until after “presents” at Christmas”.....I CAN’T WAIT THAT LONG! It’s “cruel and unusual punishment”! (Isn’t that against some law somewhere? LOL) Not too concerned about wether or not the “extras are disappointing”.....I know most of you are, but I’m just pretty happy with whatever they put on. I saw the movie. I’ve read the book (12 times, last count) so it’s all “gravy” for me! I love these movies…..and I WANT MY ‘ORDER’ NOW!(grinning, maniacally, in South Carolina, USA)

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Hi Errol,

Those clips are located in the individual film sections of the site. To find them, you can go to the right side of the screen and click the title of the movie, then you’ll be taken to a new page where the first of two clips should begin to play automatically. :) The new OotP clip can be found in the OotP section as well.


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Errol, you have to click on the other film titles (seen on the banner) on the right hand side of the screen.

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I wish they would have actually built a real set for the hall of prophecies and maybe just used cg to enhance it. This scene looks terribly fake.

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Thank you. :)

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I must confees to the “phoenix” being my favourite book. The film, well,errrmmmm. I have seen it twice (2 times for US english) at the cinema (theatre)(( I think I caused a bit of embarassment to my friends who were with me, as I was shoutng the spells before they were used on screen,haha))”that pink thing” although not quite what I was expecting, played her part very well ( I would like to have “impirioused” her as she was so annoying but that is her part). Watching the dvd at home on my pc I was able to see more that what I saw at the cinema/theatre.I would luv to have seen the “job interview” with McGonnegal vs Umbridge,but alas I guess there was so much to fit in to the time limit. The film is excellent the book tonnes better.I still luved it.the characters excellent,Bellatrix’s sir name mispronounced but she has gone “strange” big time, Lucius being “arrogent”all added to the enjoyment.The “evil in pink seems to steal the show”, a nasty piece of work, but all in all a good film.(most of the “extras” we have already seen.) As a film on its own very good.Much more in the book,I hope it gets more people reading to see the real “darkness” Truely magnificent, I have watched 3 times at least, each time finding more detail. very good !

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Thanks . . . I feel better now.

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The first HP film is on ABC family right now…

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I just want the DVD already.

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I second Kiwi Mc I’s request, can any of our UK friends confirm whether this clip is from the dvd’s deleted scenes or not?

I dug back through the Leaky news announcements to August 29 and found the following (not sure how the formatting will work out with a ‘block copy paste’, but here goes):

List of Deleted Scenes for “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” DVD OotP Film Posted by: Sue August 29, 2007, 04:08 PM The British Board of Film Classification updated their website today with a list of some deleted scenes that are to be included on the upcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix DVD. Running a total of 10m 10s, the scenes listed under the title of “DELETED DRAMATIC CLIPS” are as follows:


Going by this list, it ‘sounds like’ the clip now on WB is not on the dvd list of scenes?

I note however that there was a later announcement (in September I think???) also re the British Board of Film Classification, which was updating its materials to say there would be approximately 15 to 17 minutes worth of deleted scenes on the dvd…. someone else can go look for that announcement, ok?

Just ten more days, friends!

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OK, also found the following (SPOLIER WARNING FROM ORIGINAL REPEATED HERE)—this review suggests that the scenes now appearing on WB’s site are not on dvd…but lends hope to the “someday, an extended version of the movies” discussion

Detailed Report on “Order of the Phoenix” DVD Deleted Scenes and Extras

OotP Film Posted by: Sue November 07, 2007, 04:57 PM

TLC reader Joanne who purchased the DVD as it was released in South Africa, a week before the UK release, sent in a detailed review of the deleted scenes.

“A breakdown of each of the deleted scenes contained on the “Order of the Phoenix” DVD are as follows (spoilers!)

The second disc menu opens with a sweeping shot of the Black Family Tree Tapestry – stunning! Though I couldn’t see much it moves quite quickly. There were tantalizing glimpses including – the Black Family Crest – a coat of arms topped by a skull, with three ravens and an armoured hand holding a wands, and the motto Toujours Pur. Plus all those names – the Prewitts, Weasleys, Tonks’s, Regulus and Sirius, and someone called Orion Walburg (1925-195/8?). The shot ends with Lucius and then great embroidered face of Draco Malfoy. The branches also have little skulls, dragons, Griffons, and a Snake on the branch. Then the menu comes (still in tapestry form) and you choose from: additional scenes,Trailing Tonks, Hidden secrets of HP, HP: the magic of editing

Trelawney Eating An extended shot of Trelawney eating her way through her dinner while Umbridge is making her speech in the backgrounds. Obviously, the cameraman couldn’t move on because Emma is so truly hysterically funny. Lots of fumbling and bumbling (I won’t spoil it for you by giving you all the details). A lovely touch is the ironic counterpoint of Umbridge’s phrases ( “utmost seriousness, practices which must be pruned, improve what can be improved, etc.) with Trelawney’s muddled messes. What’s nice is that you get to see lovely details of the table settings.

Neville in Common Room Additional bit (only a few seconds long) after Harry’s confrontation with Seamus in the Gryffindor common room, where Neville talks about it being the Daily Prophet that’s rubbish.

Gryffindor Common Room This is one continuous sweeping shot of the common room taking in all the other students before coming to rest on Harry sitting alone in front of the fire. I think it is after the detention with Umbridge and before Harry’s chat on the sofa at the fire with Ron and Hermione. There are some delightful touches, including a couple snogging on the stairs, Nevillle tending his Mimbulus Mimbletonia, some girls plaiting each other’s hair, Seamus and Dean playing cards, and glimpses of the tapestries on the walls. They should definitely have kept this scene! It’s just a complete contrast to the horror Harry has just endured with Umbridge, and it emphasizes how alone and apart from other students Harry is, how much more serious his worries are.

Umbridge questions Trelawney during a dream interpretation class This is a lovely scene, with a sarcastic Umbridge interrupting and generally terrorizing Trelawney. There are also some great cuts to Ron (canon Ron – yay!) and Harry. Harry shows more grim, adult-like expressions as we see his dawning realization of how cruel Umbridge is, how she enjoys her power, how she is beginning to interfere at Hogwarts. They have cut this longish scene up into short cuts which they have spliced into the Umbridge Montage in the final cut of the film. Although the gist of the scene is kept, the mounting/dawning realization of what is happening (“The Minister’s eyes and ears”), is lost. Slytherins are grinning in the background, enjoying the cruelty. I think this sets up their later conversion to the Inquisitorial Squad. The scene also sets up Trelawney’s dismissal very nicely

Umbridge and Filch Just a few seconds of Umbridge and Filch looking down from a high tower or balcony while some Slytherins (including Draco, Crabbe and Goyle) bully a young Ravenclaw student in the quad below. The scene shows her tolerance of evil as long as it supports her domination of the school, and her natural inclination to sadism, but not much is lost by omitting this from the movie.

Filch and Umbridge’s hair Filch sniffing then blowing on Umbridge’s still smoking hair (after the fireworks)

Extended forest scene with Umbridge, Hermione and Harry A longish scene in which Umbridge explains herself more, justifies her actions, and tries to elicit sympathy from Harry and Hermione. She winds up crying “Look what you’ve done to me, I cannot take it anymore!”

Harry in DD’s office After the battle at the ministry, a rather battered Harry enters Dumbledore’s office. There are nice details of the office, the whirring and clicking instruments, the Gryffindor sword (I think – though it looks a little plain) on the desk, and cabinets full of mysterious objects in the background. But sadly (sigh) Harry does not go mad with grief and rage and smash things up. Harry spots the sorting hat again, then angrily turns to walk out but is called by back by DD.

Harry packing Extended version of the scene in which Harry is packing to go home. Ron comes in and Harry tells him to go on to the feast without him (Harry). Ron returns to Hermione in the common room, and just shrugs in response to her enquiring glance. Nice canon Ron, good emphasis of Harry’s grief and aloneness, but to my taste, the poignancy of the scene is lost when Hermione half smiles in response to Ron’s shrug.”

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After watching that clip on the WB site, I noticed something I didn’t catch in the theaters; as Harry reaches for the prophecy, Neville is standing in the background, seemingly hovering over it. Nice bit of cinematography. I doubt they’ll fit in how Neville was almost the Chosen One, but it’s a good visual acknowledgement of his part in it all.

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Hm, let me first say that I am still very miffed that the extras on the regular DVD are so… dismal. And the people who can afford a HD tv set and the HD DVD (or Blue-ray technology) get the really good and informative stuff. It is pretty much an insult to the majority of fans. The quality of the extras on the regular DVDs went down from PS onwards. If this trend continues, I will certainly NOT buy the HBP DVD (I don´t expect to earn as much money to afford the latest technology since then).

Regarding the deleted scenes and this new one on their website: I have the impression they should have included this new scene in the movie, what with Harry counting down the rows. Would it really have hurt that much to include it? I mean, it was already shot after all and I think it makes the scene in the prophecy room more understandable. The scene in the actual movie went by so fast, it wasn´t clear what Harry was looking for. Well, it was for me, since I´ve read the book, but friends of mine, who have not read the books (and I have the impression the WB is targetting THAT kind of audience anyway), looked at me puzzled.

I also think, the scene with Harry and Ron packing and later Hermione and Ron sharing a concerned look should have been in the final cut. It emphasises furthermore Harry´s grief, which was glossed over too much in the theatrical version. And it was a great trio friendship moment.

Sorry for this being a bit long. :)

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Sorry for the double post. I don´t know what happened.

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Someone could correct me if this is wrong, but don’t they film all the main characters individually in a scene? There is something like that on one of the LotR extended DVDs. They show the same scene, Elrond’s Council, several times with the Camera on each character. Perhaps that is why they had the scene of Emma Thompson and included it because it is such a fun scene.

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I bught the DVD thursday at a surpricing nice discount. In Holland it has been release already a few weeks, bu I was in no hurry at all. The extra’s and that why on buys it are utterly dissapointng, with exceptionof the Threlawny scene during the speech.

Why the heck did they cut that from the movie, maybe because it would distract from the impact Umbridge speech has. One scene they gladly cut out is a rather pathetic plee of Umbridge in the Forbidden Forest. Staunton saved the movie, but there she got complete out of character the more when you how she evolved in DH.

What disappoint me every time again is that the show off what great props and decors the have build, but never give you a good detailed look at it. The Black Family tree is used as backdrop for the choosing of extra’s, but you cannot freeze the DVD to take a look.

What is positive is that seeing OotP after a long time again is that the movie is far more coherent and fluent than experienced seeing it the first time. Then instead of just watching what is offered you are hampered by the fact that you miss so much scenes thought necesairy for a coherent story from the book. The movie isn’t incoherent at all, it is just a different story then what the book tells you.

btw Nat Tena must be a very fun girl to have in your circle of friends, pity the role of Tonks is such a small one in the coming movies. w

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Well, I live in the US and ordered the HD DVD from the UK and the HD DVD didn’t have that overhead shot on it. I am also getting the Blu-ray version when it comes out in the US.

As far as the HD version goes, it has a ton of extras. All of the behind the scenes footage is on the extra disc as well as when you are playing the disc you have the option of PIP pop up and the DA members talk about making the movie and then a gold disc appears in all the major scenes which if you select it it takes you to one of 28 Behind The Story Focus Points. This alone is worth springing $200 on an HD DVD player. Most of the focus points are dealing with CGI work.

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I “still stand by what I said” the film for people who only watch films and dont read the books”,Those of us who have read the books, certain pieces are missing. I cannot afford to by “HD or Blu-Ray” equipment ! so it looks like we are being “denied out takes” very sad !(If I had that amount of money at my disposal, I would like to think that I could give the money to a ‘worthy cause’to assist others rather than spending on my “own pleasures”. But that is me and “my way” I would not expect others to think the same as me.( that is very dis-curtious)

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Does anyone know if there is a difference between the actual films on the new individual DVD’s versus the collector’s package of all 5?

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