Dec 02, 2007

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Lisa Bunker – LisaQQQ

Lisa gratefully acknowledges Mike Gray, the creator of the Quick Quotes Quill; without him many articles and interviews would not have been preserved, and Deborah Skinner (aka ‘Madam Scoop’); without her we would have no quote summaries.

Melissa Walls-Lawson – mlwl

Many, many, many thanks go to the Scribbies, past & present, who increase my IQ by their presence; the Chilligang and Staggers who make me smile and remind me of who I am; J.K. Rowling who shares her imagination with us (and who didn’t run away when I accidentally screamed in her face); and Brandon who shares me with them all.

Additional thanks are due to DoBBy_dEAReST and hellokty1 for telling me the best reasons that Harry could live after all during the Sorcerer’s Stone reading group and to Mellynnf, whose post reminded me that heroes die at a later date now and then.

Ann Skinner – Aislinn

I would like to thank all of my fellow editors at Scribbulus, for their tireless and skilled efforts on both this project and each Scribbulus issue. I’d especially like to thank my co-author, Nina de Boo, for the willing collaboration on our chapter – AnNina Productions, team extraordinaire! Julie Tynion was very supportive throughout the process and I am grateful for all her efforts. I am also very grateful to my fellow Corner Booth staff, who stepped in to offer additional help while I was immersed in this project.

Most of all, I’d like to thank J.K. Rowling for the brilliant gift she has shared with all of us. It has not only captured my imagination in a way I never could have anticipated, but has led to many wonderful friendships and hours of fun with other Potter fans.

Sloan de Forest – Witherwings

Special thanks to Ms. Rowling for allowing us all to share her fantasy world, to Melissa Anelli for creating a place for us to share it more colorfully, and to every lovely and brilliant crayon in the Scribbulus box! It just wouldn’t work without any one of you. And thanks to Leaky member etnutter, from whose post I borrowed some ideas.

Donna Hosie – MaraudingDon

Donna would like to acknowledge the wonderful Gallery Girls, especially ErinRae for the fabulous tarot and the Horcrux theory, and Weirdsis for just being fabulous!!!

Nina de Boo – SeverineSnape

A lot of credit and thanks goes to the Scribbulus teams past and present for their dedication and hard work for everything that is thrown their way. Special thanks goes to Ann Skinner, my partner in crime and sounding board, whose calm NT-ness tones down my hotheaded NF-ness (and I hope I sometimes soften her rationality with my idealism), Sloan de Forest, whose creativity, originality and sense of humor never fails to astonish me and has brightened up so many days, and Julie Tynion, for her hard work, friendship and understanding.

Last but not least, Jo – need I say more.

Jem Hoggan – WaggaWaggaWerewolf

I’d like to thank the organisers, like SeverineSnape and Aislinn, for their extensive work and assistance in this project, also Hedwigger7 who edited my contribution, and Sloan de Forest for filling in the inadvertent gaps.

Ian Striz – coach

I would like to thank my wife, Stacy, for her infinite patience with this silly obsession of mine. Also, everyone at TLC who helped with this project and make the site one of the best around.

Lorraine Damerell – Asphodel Wormwood

To Vikki for being a common Muggle and thus pointing out the obvious. To Melanie for helping me find all those quotations, and to Claire, meum Draculus.

Julia Ross – Narya

I would like to thank J.K. Rowling for her wonderful series of books, which have kept me enthralled since their publication. To my friends on the Leaky Lounge whose thoughts and ideas on the Marauders have inspired this chapter in various ways … Aislinn, Alchemist Apprentice, Arianhrod, firephoenix, hpaddict, memyslfnI, towerdweller, You_won’t_know_who … it’s been fun, and long may it continue! Last, but by no means least–Prongs Patronus, my very good friend and also my editor–I give you my heartfelt thanks.

Kelly Bohrer – fawkes28

I would like to acknowledge Michele, my fabulous editor, who worked very hard and gave me wonderful feedback. Also, I would like to acknowledge Ann who asked me to write the chapter on Magical Creatures and for being a great person who was always willing to listen to my ideas. Finally, to all the tremendous staff at Leaky who worked endlessly to put this masterpiece together.

I am very grateful to my family for their endless support and for giving me the room to enjoy my obsession.

Athena Stewart – Prongs Patronus

I would like to thank J.K. Rowling for her magnificent books. My gratitude goes to the editors and staff of Scribbulus, especially SeverineSnape, Aislinn, and Theowyn for their time, patience, and encouragement. To my friends on the “Blood” thread in Obscurus Books Forum who were kind enough to allow me free use of their efforts on the thread, especially BamaHP, Alchemist Apprentice, Aornis, Arianhrod, atschpe, cloudpic, firephoenix, fluffy333, freyja, hck, hpaddict, memyslfnI, MissJubilee, Narya, Pat_Rorrythe, Shard, towerdweller, Weasle Diva, and You_Won’t_Know_Who: my deepest and most sincere thanks. I could not have done this without you! A big thanks to the band Keane–their words, used in the headings, were so appropriate to this chapter. As always, to the Beloved.

Torey Swink – towerdweller

I would like to thank my sister, Debra Low, for introducing me to the wonderful world of Harry Potter. She recognized J.K. Rowling’s genius and was persistent in getting me to read what I thought was a children’s book. She has also been patient to listen to my wild ideas and theories about the books ever since.

Susan Faust – Angua

The ideas in this chapter were inspired by discussions with fellow Harry Potter fans – I especially want to thank Fernwithy, Peachespig, Mrs_Bombadil, Lilac_Bearry, Skelkins, and Connielane. And a huge thank you to the Scribbulus editing team for going far beyond the call of duty on this project!

Jason Edwards – TheGuruOfSloth

Jason would like to thank: The great (extended) Scribbulus team for putting this project together, and for hanging tough through some disappointments and delays. My Leaky family at the Lily and Stag Inn and beyond, for being crazy, just like me. My real family, for putting up with my Harry Potter “hobby.” And the one person who fits into both of the previous categories, my Love, for inspiring me, and for believing in me.

Finally, thanks (and apologies) to the goddess, J.K. Rowling: The true Hero of the Harry Potter phenomenon.

Melissa Anelli – That Girl Who Runs Leaky

Melissa can only offer heartfelt gratitude to all the contributors, authors, illustrators and managers who worked on this incredible project, especially Julie, Ann and Nina for bringing everything together and Robert for coding things so beautifully.

Finding Hogwarts

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