Literacy Drive

Dec 02, 2007

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Literacy Drive

Last Books, First Books
The fifth Get a Clue Literacy Drive

This project is about a series of books that have enriched our lives. This project is about the end of an era that has seen millions of people appreciating books and reading. It is about wrapping up what we know, celebrating what we’ve learned, and the appreciating gratitude we all have that a series of books has touched us so deeply.

It’s time to return the favor.

We are opening, in connection with the opening of, a massive literacy drive. Leaky has collected money for literacy every year since 2002 – except 2006. We took a break from our usual “Get a Clue” charity drives because we have been tied up with this project since last fall because we wanted to focus on making this statement at this time: that we have been brought together by books, and during these last months before the last Harry Potter, we will come together once more to spread the joy of books to the world.

From now until July 21, 2007, we will have a donation button open on this site. If you like what you read here on a regular basis, if you enjoyed/agreed with/disagreed with/were entertained by/loved/hated what you’ve read on, don’t send us an e-mail telling us so. Don’t send gratitude, don’t send flowers, don’t send candy – send money. Not to us. To Book Aid International.

Book Aid has been setting up libraries in third-world countries, buying books for people who couldn’t otherwise afford them, for many years. Contributions from this Web site have aided in buying roughly 15,000 books. We’d like to collect over these next months and, on July 21, make a huge donation in the name of Harry Potter fans.

As we get our gift of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, we can give the gift of literacy to untold thousands, and we can do it as a group. If you liked what you read here, and can afford it, send a buck or two. Tell a friend. Post a message on your blog. Send an e-mail. Send out a MySpace bulletin. Tell people. Spread it around. Tell people that Harry Potter fans are doing it again. Tell people that Harry Potter fans are helping to give out that wonderful force that brought them together – literacy. Imagination. Reading. Books.

The first time we did this, it was to try and find out what was in book five before the publication date. That’s not the aim this time. This time we’ll get nothing in return but the grand satisfaction of knowing how many people it will help.

We are collecting money through Leaky, Inc., our nonprofit organization which is registered in the state of NY. The button at the bottom of this page will be on every page throughout this project; you can also send a donation to:

Leaky Inc.
PO Box 40559
Staten Island, NY 10304

Make checks payable to Leaky, Inc.

As we said once, we’ll say again: Thank you, in advance, because we know you. We know what you’re capable of, and we can’t wait to show everyone that one more time.

It’s been a wonderful 10 years with the Harry Potter books. Let’s send our beloved wizard out in style – by making sure even more people can enjoy him.



Liked what you read here? Support the Last Books, First Books literacy drive and help make a donation in the name of Harry Potter fans worldwide!

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