What’s Left – Pre Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Miscellaneous

Dec 02, 2007

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What is / what’s in in the “love” room in the Department of Mysteries?

Where is the Death Eater headquarters?

What is behind the veil?

Ginny, Neville, Harry and Luna could hear the whispers at the veil at the Department of Mysteries; of them, we know three of them (Harry, Neville and Luna) could see the Thestrals, and therefore have witnessed death. Are these things related? Why were they affected by the veil when others apparently weren’t?

Do the kids become members of the Order of the Phoenix as soon as they are of age, or is there an initiation process that we have yet to see?

Why did students give Harry all the notes from Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ?

How are the prisoners being kept in Azkaban, if there are no longer dementors gaurding it? – Ken

What happened in the twenty-four hours between Voldemort killing the Potters and Hagrid delivering Harry to the Dursleys? – Sarah

Finding Hogwarts

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