Prisoner of Azkaban – New York Premiere: Red Carpet Transcript

Dec 03, 2007

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban NY Premiere: Red Carpet Transcript

Devon Murray
What would you like to see Seamus do in the films?
[Something with] horses. [Devon is a show jumper.] Horses, and Quidditch!

What are you most looking forward to in this film?
The dementors. Yeah, the dementors.
So you like the dark stuff in general – what type of films
do you watch?
Things that are really dark, horror films in general.

Bonnie Wright
You look darling, how many dresses did you try on?
Quite a lot, I tried on loads.
Why is this your favorite?
I don’t know, I like the beads and different things like that.

So have you read book five?
Yes, I have.
Are you excited about all that’s coming up for Ginny?
Yeah, I’m not sure if they’re going to make it yet or
anything but it’s good, yeah. I like in the fifth book, you
know, how they all go together at the end and Ginny’s part
of that.
What’s been your favorite part of all this so far?
It’s been great filming it, meeting different people.
What’s your favorite thing about Harry Potter?
Well I like just the storyline, about the magical world, if there
is one really. It’s great. Everything about it is great.
Is it your first time in NY?
I’ve been before, but not to something like this.
What do you think?
It’s great, I mean, it’s mad.
Is it like this in London?
There’s about half the people.

Producer Mark Radcliffe
How do you think this movie is bringing the series forward?
There’s no question about it. I think each of the books themselves
are fantastic and as long as the film is faithful to the material
I think the movies will always do well. And this one is right in
line. It’s absolutely stunning, the visuals, great storytelling
– we’re excited.
I have to say, the cast has grown, their range of performance has
grown. [We have] a great crew, the technology has improved, I think
we’re learning to work and live in this world a little bit
and that’s been great.

Rupert Grint
When did you decide to grow out your hair?
I don’t know, I guess I was a bit lazy. Didn’t cut it.
This is how I wear it in the fourth as well.
Have you seen the film?
Yeah, I seen it twice. The Knight Bus stuff is wicked and the dementors
as well.
Do you like things that are darker in genral?
Yes. It’s a lot more grown up, this film, as well.
So, we’re watching you grow up on the screen.
It’s really sort of weird.
Have you looked at the early ones?

Yeah I saw the first one a couple of days ago, it was really weird.
We were so small.
What do you think of all this [premiere madness]?
Crazy, it’s really weird.
Do you want to say anything to your fans?
Enjoy the film. It should be cool.
Any other kinds of roles you’d like to play?
I guess just something different. I played a geek once, in a film,
in England.
“Thunderpants,” yeah, that was really cool.

Joel Siegel
[Points to his children, Alyssa and Sam.] These are my experts.

So, how do you think this one will be?
Alyssa: I think it’s going to be great. I
saw the previews online and it looks like it’s going to be
fabulous. I think everything so far has looked like I imagined it.

Do you have any expectations?
Joel Siegel: I do my best not to have any expectations
when I go into a movie because it’s not fair. But for this
film I have very high expectations. The first two were great. The
new director is a first time director on this series, is a great
director, a Mexican director who has directed only great films.
We were talking on the way up here – I just love in the trailer,
when Hermione grabs the boy’s hand, and they look at each
other. It’s so great because it’s a very real moment and I
can’t think of a film done over a series of time when they’ve
used the same cast and we’ve watched the kids grow up, I think
it’s wonderful.

Chris Columbus
What’s next for you?
Really, you are dong it?
Yeah, I’m definitely doing it, I’m committed to it.
It’s my next film.
How is it going to look?
I literally just started on it.
What are your ideas?
My ideas are to make it very real, very gritty but to preserve the
– there was a chance that Rent was going to go to television and
I found out about that. I’ve been a fan of it for about 7
years, and I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be homogenized,
preserve Jonathan Larson’s initial play in tact. So what you
will see on screen will be that play come to life with all of New
York City as its star. So we’ll open it up a little bit, but
I think in terms of atmosphere we’ll try to find new people,
people you’ve never seen before, put a cast together of stars
who can act and sing.
You’re not considering any of the original cast members?
Well it depends. These people are anywhere fro 19 to 23 years old,
so certainly we’ll talk to them. I saw the original cast,
one of the cast I cast in my very first film, Anthony Rapp, he was
in “Adventures in Babysitting.” And he’s the quintessential
Mark, I mean they all are to me, but it’s a question of age.
Because part of the tragedy is the youth. You see these people as
younger kids. So we’ll see. It’s basically how they’ve
Have you done a musical before?
I did the blues bar sequence in “Adventures in Babysitting.”
I’ve been a fan of musicals for years, I’ve always wanted
to do a musical and I’ve been fan of rock and roll longer
than that, so it sort of brings it all together for me.
A question about the Harry Potter films; we hear that you have
a rule that there’s no work on Saturday whatsoever, even if
the film is behind
, is that true?
Yeah. I just found that I’ve seen a lot of marriages break
up, a lot of my friends get disenchanted with the world, the reason
is because they spend too much time at work. You need to have Saturday
and Sunday to unwind, come back to work on Monday fresh. If you’re
shooting six days, Sunday is really lost. Then you’ve basically
lost touch with reality and your family.

Emma Watson
It’s my favorite book, my favorite script. It’s a great
part of Hermione. She, in two films, people were mean to her, being
mean to her, teasing her, being rude to her, and she’s always
taking it, pretending she didn’t hear, saying, “Oh,
no, let’s just forget about it.” But in this one, she’s
like ‘No, that’s it, I’m not taking anymore, I’m
going to fight back,” and she punches [Draco], storms out
on her teachers. She’s rock and roll, she has girl power.
Re: Crowds and such
There’s no way you can prepare for this kind of thing. This
morning I was doing press interviews and then I got ready and came
straight here.
So, we’re sort of watching you grow up on a stage. What’s
that like for you?

You’ve seen the film?
Yeah I saw it last week but every time I see it I see something
So what do you expect to see this time around?
I don’t know, the detail on this is amazing. It’s amazing.

What was your first reaction when you saw it?
I am my biggest self-critic, you have no idea how hard it is to
watch yourself on a 10 foot screen. Kind of nervewracking. But I
was really pleased with it.
Anything to the fans?
Just, I hope we’ve done the books justice. I hope it’s
as good as the books.

Jamie Waylett
On Crabbe this time around:
It’s fun. It’s good for Gryffindor fans, we get our
just desserts in this one. I don’t want spoil no surprises,
you know, go see the film first.

Tom Felton
Oh, I’ve heard a lot about the Leaky Cauldron!
[Cuaron butts in]:
It’s so difficult to deal with this guy. Look, look at this
effect, go like this. [Cuaron picks up Felton’s hand and waves
it around; the fans go wild.He goes back to his interview and Tom
turns back.]
So you seem to be getting just as much if not more attention
than Dan.

It’s crazy, it’s because they like a bad boy I think.
They like a bad guy, I don’t know why. There needs to be a
Slytherin girl out there.
Well, Pansy.
Yeah but I mean a Draco girl. Long blonde hair sort of
thing, slicked back hair.
Anything to say to the fans?
I love you all.

Alfonso Cuaron:
The fans seem so excited about you and they seem to know that
you’re going to do an amazing job, do you feel that pressure?

Well…uh uh uh…now I do, yeah…[laughter]…thank
you!…[more laughter].
Oh, sorry! Well how do you feel about all this?
I feel great. I’m so thankful with, I had this great opportunity,
and from the get go, I just, I said to myself, just serve the material,
just serve the book, so I just hope that I don’t disappoint
the fans. It was twofold, to serve the book and also to serve the
franchise. So fans can see the number one, number two, number three,
and felt that it’s a flow.
What was the biggest challenge creating that flow?
I think that it’s so easy because the material is so strong
that you just have to obey what it says.

David Heyman
So how do you feel about this film?
I’m really proud of it. Alfonso’s a director I’ve
always wanted to work with, to be able to work with him now is a
dream ad he’s done a great job. It’s a beautiful film
with great imagination and spirit and soul, I love it.
How’s it going on the fourth?
We started two weeks ago, back on you know, it’s really exciting.
It’s a dream. It’s a producer’s dream.
Did you expect this?
It’s surprise every time. It’s as exciting now as it
was the first time. So you never expect this. How can I expect this,
it’s always more than one imagines.

Alan Rickman
So we’ve heard you know all about Snape’s backstory.
No, I don’t know everything.
Ah. So what are you looking forward to playing with Snape?
Well I’m looking forward to you being surprised by him at
all times. I’m certainly not telling you anything! [Shoot.]
What’s your next project?
Well, I have to do Harry Potter four, and I am hoping to do a really
interesting couple of films if we can get them in in the meantime.
One is called “for our sons,” one is called “Snow
Cake.” It’s a really wonderful script about a man who
meets a woman who’s an adult autistic.

Dan Radcliffe
To the fans:
Thank you very much everyone for coming, it’s amazing. I hope
everyone enjoys the film.
Dan, what do you think of all this [premiere]?
It’s brilliant, it’s just amazing. It’s so brilliant.
Everyone coming out today, it’s amazing. I’m so grateful
and thankful for everyone for coming.
Are you nervous at all about this film? There’s been a lot
of buildup.

I’m kind of nervous but I really think people are going to
like it.
What films are you watching now?

I just saw “Shrek 2” yesterday, it was really funny.
It was really cool, I really really enjoyed it.

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