Jamie Waylett Answers your Questions: Part Two

Dec 04, 2007

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size=”4″>Jamie Waylett Answers Fans’
Questions: Part II

c. The Leaky Cauldron, May 2004

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Sarah said: Will you marry me? I promise I’m
a nice, clean, domesticated American girl, I don’t bite…hard…

Hi Sarah
My Mum said I should be careful with Girls like you¦When can we meet?

Leslie said:
I read your interview with The Leaky Cauldron and I think that you’re really a
down-to-earth and nice person! =) I wish I could get to meet you, but I live far,
far away in the Philippines. Pssst…may I ask another question? Do you like anime,
and if you do, what’s your favorite anime?

Hi Leslie,
I like lots of different kinds of anime. I like drawing and I am also interested
in graffiti (on paper, not on walls).

Bianca said:
Hi Jamie,
I just want to know if you have been to a Harry Potter premier in an other countries.
If yes, which countries did you like the most? and if you haven’t which
countries would you like to visit and why? bye bye
p.s: I am sorry for the bad English I usually speak French!(I am From Canada)

Hi Bianca,
So far I have attended two premiers in London (another one next week), one in
Ireland and I’m very excited that I’m attending the New York premier in
a few days time.

Candi said: Jamie, ummm…-if you were trapped on a desert island
and could only bring one luxury item, what would it be?
Hi Candi,
It would be my Discman; I couldn’t live without my music.

Karisa said: If you could go on a date with
any celeb. Who would you pick? why?

Hi Karisa,
It would be Jodie Marsh¦. why?….Have you seen Jodie Marsh??

Kiara said: Hi Jamie! I was just wondering what’s
your fave TV show?

Hi Kiara,
That an easy one, “The Simpsons.”

Katie said: Hi Jamie, thanks so much for doing this! I read
your November TLC interview which goes into your accident at age 9 and against-the-odds
recovery. If you don’t mind my asking, I was wondering if you’ve had any lasting
effects from the accident, or if you’ve totally recovered? It was quite an amazing
story, overcoming such adversity at such a young age and going on to be in HP!

Hi Katie
I’m fully recovered now, thanks for asking.

Sombrero squid said: If you were forced to wear one type of
hat for the duration of your existence, what type of hat would you choose and
I would choose my “New erra” Cap because I think its “cool”¦I
wouldn’t wear a Sombrero, as they seem to get stolen too often!!

Narcissa said: Hey Jamie, I was just wondering
if you were HP fan before you were casted for the first movie. Regards from Brazil.

Hi Narcissa
The honest answer would have to be no.

Sarah said: Hi Jamie! I wanted to know, if you could have dinner
with three people (alive or dead), who would you choose and why? Thanks!

Hi Sarah
2 Pac, 50 cent and Biggie Smalls, because I just love their music

Celletiger (who thinks you are adorable) said: Hi,
thanks for indulging us fans!Where do you see yourself at 40 years old?

Hello Celletiger
If I’m really lucky, I will be playing one of the teachers at Hogwarts!

Ben said: I think that you did a good job portraying Crabbe.
Can I ask you a question? No, make it two questions.
#1: What countries have you visited? Among those countries, which did you like
#2: What countries would you like to visit?

Hi Ben
I have been to Spain and the Islands a few times, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, but
best of all I love going to the USA, I have been to Washington, Florida a few
times and New York three times. I would like to go to China, I love Chinese Food!

emily_b said: Hi Jamie! How would you act if
you were Draco?

Hi Emily
Id be meaner, but still try to be funny at the same time.

everbloom said: Do you know the name of your
‘father’, i.e., Crabbe senior?

It’s not on Crabbe’s birth certificate, perhaps it was artificial

Jessi Levine said: Hi Jamie! I was wondering, if you were in
Honeydukes, what sweet would you get?

Hi Jessi
It would be an everlasting gobstopper¦oops wrong film.

Celletiger said: Hi, thanks for indulging us
fans! What is your favorite book (HP or other)?
GiantSquid said: Which is you favorite Harry potter book and why? thanx!
Hope to see you in the next four movies!

It would have to be Chamber of Secrets, because it’s the only one
I have read to the end!! I read the scripts instead.

Derry said: Hi Jamie :) Slytherin or Gryffindor,
who has the hottest girls??

Hi Derry,
If I answered that question, I would be in trouble with half the girls on the
They are all very nice girls…except for…no I can’t…sorry.

Tara said: I don’t have a question, I’d just
like to say thanks for signing my get well card last November! It was so awesome
that you guys did that for me at the wrap party for Prisoner, and I’m forever
grateful for your kindness.Cheers!

Hi Tara,
I’m glad we could help, I hope you are fully recovered, good luck, Jamie.

Nyago said: Wassup, which type of acting do you enjoy/feel comfortable
more? action (such as the snow scene) or dialogue (such as talking to Malfoy in
the Slytherin common room)?
I hope this is a fun question to answer. =^^=

Hi Nyago,
I enjoy both, but action scenes can be real fun.

Olivia said: Hi Jamie, What is your favorite
scene to film in the three films so far?
Hi Jamie!! Thanks so much for answering our questions!!! Here’s mine: Any funny
stories or favorite parts from filming POA? Thanks again…you rock!! :B
Luna said: Hey, Jamie! What was one of the funniest moments you remember
from the set?
C said: What scene was the most fun to shoot? Were there any moments
when the cast just couldn’t keep it together….like excessive giggles? Any other
memorable moments you could share? Thanks!
Hillary said: Was it hard/fun to put yourself in the shoes of Harry/Ron
in The Chamber of Secrets?
Remus Lonno said: Were Dan and Rupert’s voices dubbed over yours and
Josh’s for the Polyjuice Potion scenes in Chamber of Secrets? How did yours sound
in comparison?
Sandra said: Hi, Jamie. I have a question relating to Chamber of Secrets.
I thought both you and Joshua Herdman did an excellent job in this film, especially
the polyjuice scenes, but I was disappointed they didn’t allow you to use your
own voices (as implied by the book). Did you ever film it with the intention of
your voices being used, and they changed it to make it easier for the audience
to remember which was Ron and which was Harry, or was it always filmed with that
purpose? And whatever the answer, were you disappointed you didn’t get that opportunity?
Thanks for taking the time to ‘talk’ to us! :)
wemoonwitch said: Jamie, thanks for doing this, it’s really a treat for
me. Now, for my question, what was the funniest thing that happened during filming
(on any of the films)?

When I filmed the polyjuice scene, it was with my own voice. Josh and I had
a Drama coach for weeks before the filming started and we were really very good.
We also practiced Harry and Ron’s movement and facial expressions. After working
so hard to imitate Ron’s voice, I was a little disappointed when I discovered
that my voice was replaced with Ron’s.

One of the funniest moments for me was the “floating cake scene.”
Just before I changed into Ron, Josh and me had to eat the cakes, suspended
on fishing wire with a hook in the end, after five or six takes, Josh bit the
cake a little to much and had a small cut on his lip caused by the hook.

I was trying to whisper to Josh that his lip was bleeding, but
Chris kept shouting “ACTION.” Josh looked puzzled, so
I pointed to his face and tried to tell him again. Chris shouted
“ACTION” again; this went on two or three times more before
Chris shouted “CUT – Jamie what’s wrong?” Josh was
still looking puzzled and looked at Chris and shrugged his shoulders.

The whole set started laughing as I explained Josh had blood on
his lip.

Another funny moment was when Josh and I were drugged in the broom cupboard,
we had to come out and act unsteady on our feet.

Chris shouted “ACTION” (no response)…”ACTION” (no response)…””ACTION”
(no response)….”ACTION” (no response)…finally he said “GO

Somebody opened the door to find me and Josh laughing. I said the door was stuck,
but they had all realized, I had been pulling the door instead of pushing it!…..Again
the crew fell about laughing!

Chris Columbus said “It (the film) was turning into The Crabbe and
Goyle Show

Tails said: Are the Slytherins different in
this film? Are they more evil, less evil?

Hi Tails,
I would say they would be about the same, but I don’t know how the film
has been edited till the 23rd of May.

Chelsea said: It’s interesting watching you play Crabbe in
the Harry Potter movies. Your character isn’t exactly the most talkative but
you are defined through your acting. If you wish to continue in acting, which
I hear you do, do you think you’ll be stereotyped as a Baddie?

Hi Chelsea,
I enjoy playing a baddie, its fun, so if I get any other roles like this I won’t


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