Luke, I am Not Harry’s Father

Dec 12, 2007

Posted by: SueTLC


Gotta love fandoms…especially when they collide, for the official Star website now has a fun list online, comparing the Star Wars series with Harry Potter. Long debated here in our own fandom as well, this article lists ten ways the series are similar as follows: (Spoilers, so scroll down!)




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  • 10. “Orphaned by a Dark Lord” Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter both grew up wistfully curious about the parents they never knew.
  • 9.”Relative Obscurity”As children, both Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker lived under the hidden protection of an aunt and uncle, longing for a better life.
  • 8.”V” for Villain The main villains of the Star Wars and Harry Potter universes often change their names, personalities and even appearances upon turning to the dark side.
  • 7 “Who Wants to Live Forever?”The Emperor and Voldemort were both obsessed with immortality, eventually returning from death to continue their quest for eternal life and unlimited power.
  • 6. “Romancing the Stars”Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter both had a male friend and female friend who initially annoyed each other and bickered often, but ultimately fell in love and got married after hiding their true feelings for years.
  • 5. “Dead Mentors, Dementors and Frozen Friends”Being associated with either Luke Skywalker or Harry Potter can be hazardous—both had teachers who were murdered, both had friends who were frozen by the enemy and both had family members who were caught in the crossfire
  • 4.”Like Father, Like Son”Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker, like their fathers before them, were both gifted pilots who displayed special talents long before they knew of their hidden abilities.
  • 3.”Love Hurts”Both Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter suffered a string of physical injuries that left them permanently scarred.
  • 2. “Size Matters Not”Star Wars and Harry Potter both featured a wide variety of height-challenged characters and species—and Warwick Davis portrayed many of them.
  • 1. “Your Father Wanted You to Have This”Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker both received mystical heirlooms left behind by their late fathers, presented to them by elderly mentors.
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