Cinesite to Begin Production on “Half-Blood Prince” Film in May


Dec 21, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Cinesite, a noted visual effects and production house, is set to begin work again on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in May, 2008. Cinesite, which has contributed work to all of the Harry Potter films to date, is known for their fantastic models of Hogwarts Castle seen in the movies. In a press release, the company states:

“The Cinesite model team, based at Shepperton Studios and supervised again by Jose Granell, have just unwrapped the huge Hogwarts model, to prepare and modify it interpreting the production design of Stuart Craig for the start of an 11 week shoot starting in early May, 2008. As with every ˜episode’ of Harry Potter, Hogwarts School swells to fill the surrounding land, in past films the green houses were added, then the clock tower and for The Goblet of Fire Stuart Craig added the magnificently Gothic owlery to the outer reaches of Hogwarts grounds. Will Hogwarts magically change this time round? We have also been awarded a significant amount of digital work and the Scanning and Recording for both drama and visual effects. Our Scanning and Recording department have also worked on all the Harry Potter films so far.”

Production is currently underway in England on the sixth Harry Potter film, with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince due in theaters November 21, 2008.

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Rising Sun Pictures in Australia who did vfx work on Goblet and Phoenix have also updated their website to say that they are working in Half-Blood Prince –

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Oh God. Ya know what? I really don’t want Hogwarts to change anymore. Common people, we’re on the LAST FILM that Hogwarts is used for the full film. I don’t want to be introduced into a totally new castle so in Deathly Hallows movie, Hogwarts will feel not like our loveable Hogwarts. It will feel new and strange, and that won’t be very fun for the 7th movie.

Please WB… no Hogwarts Changes.

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They don’t change it really (or haven’t since PoA) they just add to it. They probably have to build things like the gate from Hogsmeade and the Astronomy Tower in more detail.

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I was SO ANNOYED when they changed Hogwarts in Prisoner of Azkaban – I mean, a castle can’t just change like that. And yes, I agree with you John-Robert, Hogwarts is a home that we are all familiar with, we don’t want it to change!! p.s. I HATE ALFONSO CUARON and what he did to POA, my fav book :(

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Hey timronald! I love wath Alfonso Cuaron did with POA!!! It was just the change that the movies needed!!!!! Something that I didn’t like was the HUGE change on the plot of the book, but I loved the Hogwarts castle and all the visual things in the movie ;)

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I purposely went back and watched the first 5 films…

No Astronomy Tower at all!

So for them to just throw one in at random, it will be greatly noticed if they do not do it descretely.

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All Cuaron did was move Hagrid’s hut 500 yards down the hill instead of being just outside the main gate.

And he moved the Whomping willow from the West Courtyard 700 yards away in the middle of nowhere on a random hill…

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I don’t mind these changes, and actually like the new castle better than that used in the first two films. And besides, it’s not like we see the ENTIRE floorplan of the castle and grounds in each film, so I don’t mind that some things are being added very casually.

One question, though: Where exactly ARE the main gates? I mean, we haven’t really seen them since the first two films and I’m trying to figure out where Snape will disapparate (since he does just outside the gates in HBP) after Hagrid’s hut is set on fire.

Exciting, though! November will be here before we know it!

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I don’t mind these chages at all, infact i think howgwarts was a bit lame in the first two films, i like how they changed it, it became very nice and magical…hagrid’s hut used to be on a flat grassy plain, now its nicer, i really like what they changed. And the clock tower was awsome and all the other things too, it just looks more impressive. i think the main gates should be somewhere outside the clock tower courtyard…there shoud be a gate through which the carraiges pass. in the fifth film, wen the trio comes back from x-mas and they’re entering hogwarts, and harry is talkin to Cho, hermione comes and tells him that hagrid is back and they all run back again to hagrid’s it means that the main gate is somewhere outside the bridge leading to hagrid’s hut, so it’s also past hagrid’s hut which is true since snape passed the hut in HPB…so the way they built hogwarts is right…

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Hi dear Harry Potter!!!

I am Darko from Bulgaria!!! I’m big fan of Emma,Daniel,Rupert,Oliver&James!!! I like the movies and book too…!!! I thnik movie 6 it’s nice for anyone and many all!!!Merry Christmas HP!!!

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It won’t really bother me if they change some things. as long as it sets a great scene, its perfectly fine with me. (plus i am just really excited about HBP movie) as long as it really magical and draws my attention, i dont care

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