WB Implements “Goblet of Fire” Blu-Ray DVD Replacement Program


Dec 21, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

As reported previously, last week saw the release of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix DVDs, as well as a special limited edition gift boxset of all five of the Harry Potter DVDs. Many customers who purchased this gift set in the Blu-Ray high definition format had a bit of a surprise as the as the “Goblet of Fire” disc contained in the set was in the HD format. In order to correct this problem, Blu-ray.com is reporting tonight that Warner Home Entertainment is issuing single disc replacements. According to the report they “will supply a boxset version of the disc, with matching artwork, to you once they have been printed. If you were affected by this, please contact WHV Customer Support at 1-800-553-6937.”

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If you want my advice you will hang onto the defective set … in 20 years it will be a collectors item. Think “double struck” nickel. :-)

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Be kind of hard to prove it was a real defective one though… All you need to do is put the HD disc in the Blu-Ray case!

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The HD-DVD/Blu-ray war sure is confusing matters.

When I ordered my HD-DVD copy of Order of the Phoenix from play.com they accidentally sent the Blu-ray version. Now we hear that they are accidentally packing a HD-DVD in the Blu-ray box set? Mental.

I thought the whole point was HD-DVDs and Blu-ray cannot even be produced on the same production line so how can a mixup like this even happen?

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And I keep wondering why someone would purchase a ‘boxed set’ of an incomplete series… Does WB provide two empty slots in the box?

Just curious…


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I’m just waiting for the combo DVD/Bluray/HD-DVD player prices to drop. As it is, Blu-ray players are real expensive (usually twice as much as HD-DVD), unless you get the PS3 – but a guy at Best Buy said a lot of PS3s were returned because the lasers would ruin the Blu-ray discs. Not a good endorsement of Blu-ray as a format, but the exclusivity deals that production companies are signing make it rough. Luckily the Potter films aren’t exclusives.

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I only purchased the HD DVD versions of PoA, GoF and OotP – and am very satisfied with them [the special features are great!]...the HD player I purchased was several hundred $ cheaper than a Blu-Ray player…to Ken M – I wouldn’t buy a combo player. I have read bad reviews of them – they don’t play the HD discs very well. It would be interesting to know how this kind of a mix-up occurred.

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