Video from Biography Channel Special on “Harry Potter Kids”


Dec 22, 2007

Posted by SueTLC

Previously we told you that cable channel Biography would be airing a new program on the trio of Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley), and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger). That program aired earlier this week, and we now have the video for you here in our galleries: Part One, Part Two and Part Three. While this show did not contain new footage, it did feature many rare older interview clips with Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, and director Chris Columbus, along with interviews of the Trio. Enjoy!

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Cool. PoA and OOTP are the best btw. CoS, SS, and GoF suck.

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my favorite is POA by far!!! i love it. but as for the bio channel thing i was really upset when they spent 40 minutes on dan, 15 on emma, and only five on rupert!! i mean i guess there isn’t as much to talk about with the other two, but still it thought it was kind of weird. Also when they were listing the characters and showing pictures of them the picture they used for Ron was actually of Cedric Diggory from the GOF cover. I laughed that.

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I noticed how they did that too. I was confused at first when I saw Cedric’s face. I thought maybe I looked at the wrong person throughout my whole HP life. Lol. Thank goodness I was wrong … and whoever made that video was. =)

I do believe they should have put Rupert in more.

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Nice documentary. I remember when Harry Potter movies first came out and lots of people where criticizing Dan for his acting, but I always felt he did a great job because the whole deal rested squarely on his small shoulders. If he had failed as Harry, the whole thing would have failed. He was in nearly every frame of the film, has been in all the films really and although he is having a great time, he works his tail off. Having said that, they really did give Rupert short shrift. Seems like the media are always doing that. :(

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these show how important the need for British actors and the tremendous work these guys all took on and have lived through the experience of “child stardom” they have done it so well !

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Exactly my sentiments CarolynJ! I have always felt that about Dan and that he has by far the most difficult job and I think he’s done great with it.

RE Rupert. I do feel sorry for him because he is obviously very shy. But a Press Junket journalist commented that she (and she spoke to other Press Junket interviewers and they felt the same way) panicked about having to interview him even for just 3 minutes because he says so little. If he says so little at interviews then it stands to reason that there won’t be much to cover in a biography.

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