PotterCast 131: Rowling Along

Dec 24, 2007

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


Happy Holidays! We’re back with the second part of our JK Rowling interview on our Harry Potter podcast, PotterCast.

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Show info:

An intro with just the trio – we talk about the week’s news as well as the Jo interview and our experience of it. This is the last part with Jo but future shows will have our little bloopers, and Jo does promise to come back. So keep twiddling those dials!

Jo returns and we talk about:

Dogs on her web site
The wallpaper
Rude words and rubbish
Carnegie Hall redux
What’s in the Love Room?
Love raising people to the heights of absolute heroism, and foolishness
What exactly did Alan Rickman know and when?
Snape – was he truly meant to be in Slytherin?
The Potter Park – she’s “very very very involved.”
“Personally, I think it will be the best thing in the world of it’s type, having seen what I’ve seen.”
What happened to Florean Fortescue?
Wand lore
Hagrid did not create Thestrals
Wands as sentient beings
Albus Potter and the Book They Said Would Never Happen
How the documentary happened
JK Rowling and the Changing Haircuts
“My Name is Lily Potter. You thought I was dead. You were wrong.”
“My name is Hedwig…”
Fred? “Whatever,” says John

RT: 46:25
Edited by Superhero Stede Bonnett

With special thanks to Jo and Le Grand Fidd, for everything.
Leaky theme song by Brad Mehlenbacher of Draco and the Malfoys

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