Harry Potter Book to Movie Differences: Chamber of Secrets

Dec 29, 2007

Posted by: Doris


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Book and Movie Differences

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Rearranging or Shortening the Plot

Percy and Penelope’s Romance: The romance that blossoms between Percy and Penelope is left out completely from the film.

Missing or Misplaced Characters

Peeves: Everyone’s favorite polteirgiest, Peeves has been cut from the movie completely.

Professor Binns: The ghostly History of Magic Professor is left out of this film.

The Malfoy’s: While in Borgin and Burke’s, Harry sees Draco and the Malfoy’s in the book. In the movie, Draco alone is in the store. (The DVD contains a deleted scene with Lucius in Borgin and Burke’s)

Swapped or Altered Quotes

The history of the Chamber of Secrets: Professor Binns was removed from the movie, so the explanation of the Chamber came from Professor McGonagall in the movie.

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