J.K. Rowling Updates Diary Regarding Spoilers


May 14, 2007

Posted by Melissa Anelli

J.K. Rowling has updated her diary this morning, with a note about her stance on spoilers and how she has appreciated our spoiler policy from April 28 (which said, essentially, if you spoil us we’ll hurt be very upset with you). She says:

“I want the readers who have, in many instances, grown up with Harry, to embark on the last adventure they will share with him without knowing where they are they going.

…There will always be sad individuals who get their kicks from ruining other people’s fun, but while sites like Leaky take such an active stance against them, we may yet win. Even if the biggest secret gets out – even if somebody discovers the Giant Squid is actually the world’s largest Animagus, which rises from the lake at the eleventh hour, transforms into Godric Gryffindor and… well, I wouldn’t like to spoil it.

You know, Jo, we went to all that effort to convince people not to spoil us and you drop a major bomb like that Giant Squid thing. Sheesh. Do we have to get out the pitchfork?

Seriously, though: We’re thrilled at such a lovely note of appreciation for something about which we feel so strongly. Thanks, Jo. :)

And again, to the sneaks: Watch out, now Jo’s going to join the march against ya. You stand no chance!

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Avatar Image says: Hehehe, I logged onto jkrowling. com this morning and saw that. xP It's good to know Jo's behind the cause, yesh. Mwahaha. And I'm planning on bringing a pitchfork to the release just in case someone gives out...too many details. But honestly, that spoiler about the Giant Squid! What about a warning, Jo? *eyeroll*Avatar Image says: OMG!!!1!! YOU SHOULD HAVE PUT THAT GIANT SQUID THING UNDER A SPOILER CUT!!Avatar Image says: Thank you, Jo, for your passion for making sure that those of us who have "grown up with Harry" (or at least, our children have :-) ) can have one last great adventure . . . What an awesome lady you are . . . Avatar Image says: Someone in another comment thread asked if th is was old hat. a;flkjsda;lkfsa;fkjsa;fkjsa;fksjaf;askjdf;sadkjfas;lkjfas;lfjasd a;fkjas;fkjas;fkasj;fksad;sakdfjas;kfjads;fklja;dsfjkadsj;fkjadsfk;ads;fdjkasf;kadsjf;daskfja ... No. This was up late because I was sleeping and Sue was trying to wake me up! I love Jo. Avatar Image says: I sincerely hope people abide by Jo's [and Leaky's] request and respect the rights of those who want to have the greatest enjoyment in the ending of this great adventure. It is so very sad that there are people who need to spoil others excitement ,and enjoyment in order to make themselves feel good. :o( Thank you Jo,for SO very much! :oD Avatar Image says: SO IS THE GIANT SQUID THING FOR REAL?????????Avatar Image says: Kudos to Leaky for the front page press. I hate spoilers but speculation is an entirely different matter. Do Jo's comments mean that the ending might just be obvious?!?? Avatar Image says: I love Jo! I am soo happy she has updated her Diary. I love hearing from her. Good job leaky getting on top of this spoiler stuff. I feel safe to come here till book 7 and I thank you for that! Much love!! **hugs**Avatar Image says: HOW ABOUT A SPOILER WARNING !!!! Now my theories are all shot!! I was so sure the Giant Squid was a Horcrux!!!!!!!! :o) Avatar Image says: Of course it is CHRIS. There will be announcements everywhere. And it's probably very relevant to the ending where Godric Gryffindor, as the Giant Squid, swallows Harry, then realises he was his long lost heir.Avatar Image says: "the Giant Squid is actually the world's largest Animagus, which rises from the lake at the eleventh hour, transforms into Godric Gryffindor and..." let the fan fics begin! I hope people realize that they do not want to incur the wrath of the fandom. I can only imagine the mass riots if they do.Avatar Image says: Talking about spoilers - are you aware you always spoil the fun of discovering the news on jkrowling.com by ourselves by typing her words word by word on your main page? ;)Avatar Image says: Melissa, we love you. Deeply. And leaky too. And JK too.Avatar Image says: Calimari roasting on an open fire. Hmmm, giant squid. Indeed leaks are not good, and spoilers are even worse. Thanks jo and leaky for trying protect us. I'm sure there'll be a lot of close-calls in the coming weeks though. Stay safe everyone and don't forget the tinfoil hat!Avatar Image says: OMG it was the giant squid all along! Jo totally tricked us.... She really should have put that under the dark mark spoiler thingy. Way to go Leaky (and Melissa - whose writing I love as much as Jo's) for getting yet another mention on Jo's site. Hope Jo continues editing her site in the trickles that she has been doing. It's Sprout's bday tomorrow (I think). Avatar Image says: Melissa, I was only joking about the old hat. I am, as always, thrilled for you. You represent the fandom very well and deserve the mention. I enjoy living vicariously through you. However, this planned Pottercast in Columbus the weekend I'm on my annual family vacation???? That's just not fair!!!! I was really looking forward to meeting you guys. Avatar Image says: I agree with Jo and Leaky that SPOILERS spoil the joy for all the other HP fans! So don't spoil the fun for all other HP fans and keep the spoilers for yourself and don't put them on internet when DH is released!Avatar Image says: JKR really loves Leaky Cauldron! I don't understand people who want to spoil the books on purpose - it's just evil.Avatar Image says: *cries at the demise of the Squon-Squon ship*Avatar Image says: Aww Jo, TLC,- I love you. And, if you were selling shirts that said Dumbledore is Dead or screaming on the street that Dumbledore's Funeral was sad, then we don't know how you got into the fandom, but we ask you to get out: not step out slowly, jump out super quick. To sum it all up, don't spoil the last book. We've all come through a magnificent adventure with Harry Potter and if your the one who spoils it, to someone who has gone through this adventure and worked their hands off typing up the news or participating on Harry Potter forums and chats, or just reading the news, your breaking someone's love for this last book we've anticipated for so long. Please, don't mess it up... I got spoiled with book 6- I was in the middle of the line of the bookstore to get HBP, and then, the person who had gotten one of the first copies screamed Dumbledore had Died.... Messed everything up.Avatar Image says: OMG! The Giant Squid is the Godric Griffindor's animagus! lol nice one, Jo ;)Avatar Image says: ...Does this sink Squidwarts? *sob*Avatar Image says: Yay, Leaky, for getting noticed again! Yay for Jo's update! I LOVE it when Jo responds. She could respond only to tell us she had Wheaties for breakfast and I would be excited. As for spoilers, I hate them, and I come pretty close to hating the people who make them. At the HBP release, I was second in line for my book behind this older gent. Right before we got our books, he turns around and loudly proclaimed that a british site had just updated that DD died. I could have killed him. I mean, I'm an adult and I could handle it even if I was mad. But there was this 8 yr old set of twins behind me who also heard and burst into tears. What kind of person gets their jollies from doing things like that? Honestly!Avatar Image says: spoilers drive me nuts - 9 hours after half blood prince was released, somebody walked in and said - guess what? Snape kills dumbledore. I was so LIVID. I will be hiding in a well lit cave when I read deathy hallows... and NOBODY is speaking to me until it's read in full.Avatar Image says: Drag queen John...Avatar Image says: funny thing is i've heard this theory before :pAvatar Image says: *cries on Tisty's shoulder* Squiihiiiiiiiidwaaaaarts! *sob* *cough* I'm alright now. *surreptitiously pulls face at Emmalinde*Avatar Image says: yes I'm all for squashing the little sneaks lol last year the sneak was my best friend. we both waited till midnight got our books made it to the car I was driving when she turns to me ands omg its dumbledore. this year I'm ducttaping her mouth shut when we get our books and just push her out of the car onto her front lawn lol...Avatar Image says: Melissa, that has got to be the coolest thing to have your name on Jo's website. It's so awesome when she responds like that...like, "Wow! She reads the same websites I do!!" */dork moment* I refused to be spoiled at the release...I'm wearing earplugs once midnight hits, no joke. And I'll try avoid the internet a week or two beforehand.Avatar Image says: "Melissa got her named mentioned on The Guardian website today, which I am sure will do her ego the power of good." Jealous much Peeves?Avatar Image says: I read HBP for a day and a half STRAIGHT until I finished it- hardly any interruptions lol. And I didn't check Leaky until after I had read it. I tried to avoid spoilers at all costs last time and succeeded. But I'm glad other people won't be getting spoiled as well by visiting the fansite. I may not read the book straight from the time it's in my hands- I kind of want it to last. But I also read it first then read it to my parents so they'll make me read it fast to myself so that they can hear it lol. Avatar Image says: Peeves, why bother? You are always on this sashing it. You don't like Leaky, ok we get it. But if you don't like it that much why do you insist on coming back all the time and posting these stupid comments? Avatar Image says: Pardon my ignorance, but would anyone care to outline briefly the Squon-Squon and Squidwarts theories that this new revelation kills? (Does Squon-Squon suggest that Lavender is somehow related to the Giant Squid for example, and does Lily's preference for the giant squid over James have any bearing?) We don't really know much about the squid, except it has a liking for toast, and rescued Dennis Creevey. Both I suppose fit with it really being Godric Gryffindor.Avatar Image says: *peers at comments board* People were shipping Squid/Hogwarts? :( Why didn't I get a look in??? another one sunk. :( Hey. It can still happen. Founder!Sqid/Hogwarts. Theirloveissocannon.Avatar Image says: I was SO right about the Giant Squid! (does a little dance). Sorry to all the people I unitentionally spoiled. (hee hee hee). I wonder if Jo knows how many theories she shot down with her little joke--well, its probably why she made it. She's so clever that one. (As for people who get spoiled about jkrowling.com updates, I long ago trained myself to just read the headlines on Leaky. If I see the words JK and Website together, I go to her site immediately. Heck, at the end of the month I usually go to her site first. This is a news website, you can hardly blame Leaky for reporting news from JK's own mouth)Avatar Image says: JKR's Giant Squid "spoiler" is t-shirt worthy. Maybe another fundraiser for literacy?Avatar Image says: It's funny how Jo came up with the squid actually being Godric Gryffindor...why didn't we think of that! (lol)Avatar Image says: Melissa, I'm with Katarina. I think we all enjoy living vicariously through you. And I can't wait to read your book when it's finally released. But maybe I'll get to tell you all that in person in New Orleans NEXT WEEK!! (YAY) Back to the topic at hand -- THANK YOU, JO for protecting us, for supporting Leaky, for being so great to your fans, and for updating with anything (because we'll be excited about any news/info you offer us). Now that my Squid-is-Grindelwald theory has been officially shot down, I need to think of something new ... :-PAvatar Image says: Jo...it's no good trying to throw us off! We all know that FAWKES is Godric Gryffindor, and he has to stay in his phoenix Animagus form or he will die of old (well, ancient) age. When Harry visits the house (or what's left of it) at Godric's Hollow Fawkes is sitting there on the rubble, he then turns into an extremely old man in front of Harry's eyes and delivers his final words of wisdom to Harry! He then dies, of course. (By the way, Gryffindor's secret is that Regulus Black is a Metamorphmagus posing as Nymphadora Tonks!) You KNOW I'm right.Avatar Image says: There will always be idiots. May they fall on their own sword and suffer greatly, praise the lord. Amen!Avatar Image says: its always great to see JKR acknowledge Leaky for its good work. congratulations Leaky. "if you spoil us well be very upset with in you"-lol ...aaww melissa :)Avatar Image says: How cool is it that Jo mentioned Leaky? This is why we are all here and what is important. I am proud to be a part of Leaky. Avatar Image says: I was thinking of organizing a release party in Toronto--but how could I avoid people spoiling the book? Security Guards with stun guns? Giving people the book on the way out? Selling them sealed in plastic? I have to say that, having read all the comments, I'm afraid to even go to a book party now. I don't want some schmuck ahead of me in line yelling "Harry Lives!" and spoiling it for me (even though I refuse to believe that Harry could possibly die). Avatar Image says: Jo, you totally rock! I'm really scared of being spoiled now though. At midnight I'm going to grab my book and run out to the car and not even look back because if I get spoiled, omg! I think I would explode and that would not be a pretty sight.Avatar Image says: That was absolutely brilliant, Jo! Here I thought it was Fang all this time pretending to be Hagrid's dog when he was really Godrick Gryffindor in disquise! Just had to go blow that theory, didn't ya?!!!! On a serious note, it is wonderful that Rowling recognizes that the Leaky Cauldron does it's best to protect her readers from unscrupulous spoilers!Avatar Image says: a diary update in response to leaky...congrats! I hope I don't get spoiled! the giant squid...I love joAvatar Image says: I knew we should have been thinking and talking about the Giant Squid when everyones thoughts were on Snape .Snape was just a diversion.LOL!:oD Avatar Image says: I thought everyone knew the giant squid was Godric Gryffindor...it was soo obvious.Avatar Image says: I wonder if JKR will be giving out sample chapter titles this time around?? *looks around in the sudden silence* What? I wanna know!Avatar Image says: Ah, chapter titles. I remember theorising like heck about Spinner's End last time! Jo? Maybe one or two? ;;)Avatar Image says: lol rockin' Jo and rockin' LeakyAvatar Image says: We all love you J.K.R. and the guys at Leaky for enforcing the spoiler policy. It really shows you're devoted to keeping the fans in the dark about what happens in DH until July 21st. *makes a Dobby-like bow to Leaky and J.K.R.*Avatar Image says: I would love a chapter title or two.... The deluxe cover art for the US version should also be coming out soon (I hope).Avatar Image says: Giant Squid!?!? I knew it! I knew it! I told you all years ago that the butler did it... err I mean the Giant Squid did it and you said I was insane! Well who’s laughing now?Avatar Image says: Me thinks the prize for passing the wombats will be chapter titles. Maybe how you did in them will depend on which ones/how many you get or something. Anyway, hopefully we will get the chapter titles and 3rd wombat very soon.Avatar Image says: Seriously... could Jo possibly be any more cool? From one mother of three to another mother of three- you are a great role model AND you think just like me (ok- I am a little concerned about that last part...) Mrs. dMPAvatar Image says: someone please tell me ......is that giant-squid-thing a real one?????........i don't want it to be real....Avatar Image says: (We're fairly sure she's kidding about the Squid, guys.)Avatar Image says: Yes. Yes it is. :PAvatar Image says: The Giant Squid--LOL. The only way I ever see anything first on Jo's site is if, as I was last night, still up and checking her site at 4:30 am, PDT. That part was great, but now I'm still tired for only having had 3 hours of sleep.Avatar Image says: "Jealous much Peeves?" Did I miss something?Avatar Image says: yea.. I just hope it does really work.. for I doubt that the book will be released at the 21st of July where I live *I just decided to stick to watching the movie till I get hold of the book and cut any net contacts *sth. which is very hard and I've never tried before*.. so hopefully it won't take too long to reach my own hands. but seriously why would ppl want to ruin and spoil the reading for other fans?!!! it's totally cruel.. I mean we waited so long for this moment.. we deserve to fully enjoy it.. I remember that I got Half-Blood Prince a bit late than some of my friends.. and they totally ruined it for me :@ I was mad at them for a while afterwards.. I also had plenty of friends that were initially not so into the Harry Potter world and I worked my charms on them =D and now they got so caught up in it.. I never spoiled anything for them and made sure whenever we're discussing sth. about HP that I won't talk about sth. they haven't yet reached in their reading *but I do urge them in finishing the books sooner =D* and yes.. spoiling actually doesn't affect the sale at all I think.. I mean I always lend my friends the books at first.. but they end up buying the whole collection anyway..Avatar Image says: The squid thing is almost certainly Jo kidding with us, though it would be fun if she gave away something so ridiculous that no-one took it seriously, and suddenly used it in the plot (such as the Mystic Kettle of Nackledirk turning out to be important in book 7).Avatar Image says: I'm also planning to go offline for a while before july 21. When do you suppose stuff could start leaking? Is one month offline enough?Avatar Image says: Hey Melissa, John, and Sue! There was a trailer on Survivor last night too. I know you said there is going to be one on ET ( was it ET, I think it was. I swear I'm losing my mind people! lol) but, it was around 9:20. I think that's what was on my Tivo. and it was a great trailer. It also said that it was PG-13. Hope someone comes up with a video soon! RachelAvatar Image says: why are people so cynical?? i think she has enough money for generations to come; isn't possible that she truly wants people to enjoy something that she has worked on and lived with for years? i'm glad that she hasn't lost her sense of humor. and i'm so afraid of anything being spoiled! for the last two books i was either out of the country or so busy that i was living in subways and at work. but this time i've joined the living, and i don't want to regret it!Avatar Image says: Giant squid. =) She's calling you by name, Melissa. Maybe your plane tickets to Scotland for the release are next!!Avatar Image says: I KNEW there was something funny about that giant squid! LOL!! That explains why you could always see the squid in the springtime sunshine.... JKR--still classy!Avatar Image says: See, the world needs more good people like JoAvatar Image says: I love Jo...and Leaky....and the Squid :-) 67 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Avatar Image says: WOW! Melissa, what I wouldn't do to be in your shoes right now, but at my age that might come with a price, lol. Well I can't say it enough you guys (all of you) are outstanding in everything you do and I have never been more proud to be a part of this wonderful community, and I have been apart of some communities (whew) (military) for a long time, but I yet to feel the excitment I feel when you guys are brought to the fore front for your outstanding talents and love for the Harry Potter fandom. Way to go, and as a retired female officer of the Armed Forces I SALUTE YOU ALL AND LOVE YOU BACK! Darn Jo I'm a Super Slueth, and I forgot about the Giant Squid and Godric Gryffindor relation, HE HAS HIS EYE'S....Avatar Image says: @Melissa, reason enough to get more and more prepotent.Avatar Image says: "There was a trailer on Survivor last night too. I know you said there is going to be one on ET ( was it ET, I think it was. I swear I'm losing my mind people! lol) but, it was around 9:20. I think that's what was on my Tivo. and it was a great trailer. It also said that it was PG-13. Hope someone comes up with a video soon!" They have the video here on this link: It is the same clip that aired on front of survivor. http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org/#article:9843Avatar Image says: Jo rocks. That is all = )Avatar Image says: Another thought... While I appreciate the recent additions to the site, I would LOVE to see the office door open (*hint* *wink* *nudge* *nudge harder*). Mrs. dMPAvatar Image says: I Knew IT!!! I Knew it all along Harry is saved by the Giant Squid!!!!! Three Cheers for the Squid Hip Hip Haraah, Hip Hip Haraah, Hip Hip Haraah!!!!! I told you Harry would Live!!!! Giant Squids forever. Wait a minute that Giant Squid was actually Godric Gryffindor... Gees I didn't see taht comming... Avatar Image says: I love Jo, I really do. And I second that, Mrs. de Mimsy Porpington!Avatar Image says: I found the comment at the end funny. I bet this is one of the things that make the Leaky staff feel warm and fuzzy. We love you, Jo!Avatar Image says: I always knew the giant squid was hiding something ;) Off topic, I was watching GBoF, and it occured to me that Dumbledore could have left alot of memories for Harry in the Pensive.... just a thought.Avatar Image says: *hands Roonwit a bucket* Squon-Squon is Ron and the Giant Squid (well, he's hardly going to notice the difference after Lavender, is he?) There's also one floating around about Dumbledore and Squiddy, but I'm not sure what that ship is called. Squibbledore? Squibbus? Answers on a postcard, please, or maybe not.Avatar Image says: I really, really can't wait for book 7. I am having soooo much fun rereading all of the books in the mean time. But I seriously think I would punch someone in the nose if they spoiled book 7. : ) Ok, off to my anger management class. LOL.Avatar Image says: I appreciate J.K.'s plea. It's going to be bad enough that when the book releases, there are going to be some who can read as fast as Evelyn Woood who will get the ending and the high points out to the rest of us too quickly anyway. I really dred losing two of my friends in that book!Avatar Image says: Melissa, you may already know this but this has been picked up by CNN.com as well, and the issue regarding Leaky being "spoiler-fee" is featured in the three line box: http://www.cnn.com/2007/SHOWBIZ/books/05/14/books.rowling.ap/index.htmlAvatar Image says: OK people let's get real here. If Rowling really didn't want anything leaked, then why not sell the book NOW! Why wait? You tell me that in several months, since she finished the book (like how many, 10 is it now?) they can't print the books, baulderdash! This is just another ploy to heighten excitement by an author now caught up in making money and not in what she startd out doing, creating a great series of books. Look at the time between books as an example! Come on people it is all about money, why not put it on line, geti it out in the stores, etc. and let people have it now? That would be MAGIC, free or discounted by a billionaire that certainly only cares about the money now. I am all in favor of finding out what happens early, if it diminishes sales and turns people off. It will teach the greedy author and publishers right. PS I read each of the earlier books the day they came out and am a big fan, but let's face it, it's all about money now and not the fans!Avatar Image says: wwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooo!!! you tell them Jo and Leaky!! spoiler beware!! Avatar Image says: Mrs. Rowling´s statement on her website remembers me of Percy´s letter to Ron. I´m not impressed at all. It would have been better if Mrs. Rowling would spread some goodies to think about instead. I´m convinced that a good clue would indeed kill fake spoilers in a positive way. But this statement makes spoilers much more interesting instead. Okay, Melissa and Emerson (from Mugglenet) are like a Spoiler-Gestapo and proud of it, as everybody knows already, and they will act as terminators, but with the blessing of of her Potteresty it´s legalized. Avatar Image says: "OK people let's get real here. If Rowling really didn't want anything leaked, then why not sell the book NOW! Why wait? You tell me that in several months, since she finished the book (like how many, 10 is it now?) they can't print the books, baulderdash!" That wouldn't actually help. The problem is to get such a vast quantity of books out to the fans without anyone idiots or spoilsports getting their hands on it before the fans can read it, and it is pretty much impossible to ensure that no-one in the supply chain can skim through it before the official release and spoil with the information they gain. Releasing the book early would just mean that the spoilers appear early as well. Thus ist makes sense for Jo to attempt to discourage spoilsports, and as she says, spoiling doesn't reduce sales (everyone who cares that much will have pre-ordered anyway) but it does reduce people's enjoyment.Avatar Image says: I personally like the no-spoiler policy. I'm all for it.Avatar Image says: >>You lose. The first person to refer to Nazis loses, it's da rules. This is going to be my new motto of life, Starling.Avatar Image says: I am the only one of my friends that reads the books. They are just waiting for the movies, but now that it's the last book, they want to know everything. I still won't tell them, because they are too lazy to read and find out for themselves. If they want to know, then they'll have to wait til 2010 when the last movie is made.Avatar Image says: "OK people let's get real here. If Rowling really didn't want anything leaked, then why not sell the book NOW! Why wait? You tell me that in several months, since she finished the book (like how many, 10 is it now?) they can't print the books, baulderdash!" Jo has little to no control over the release date of the book. The publishers obviously want promotion time and such, to THEM it certainly is all about money, and they wouldn't be happy if JKR tried to tell them that they have to release earlier. She simply doesn't have that kind of power. And besides, WHENEVER they released it there would be spoilers, because they come mostly when the crates start to arrive in the bookshops. "This is just another ploy to heighten excitement by an author now caught up in making money and not in what she startd out doing, creating a great series of books. Look at the time between books as an example! " You obviously know very little about writing, and even less about what it is to have a family. Very few authors can write a quality book in less than 9 months, and that's working good long hours on the thing, AND using a computer. Jo writes by hand! lol. Not to mention the fact that she has a family. Goodness me. She's not exactly quick, but what nonsense. "Come on people it is all about money, why not put it on line, geti it out in the stores, etc. and let people have it now? That would be MAGIC, free or discounted by a billionaire that certainly only cares about the money now. I am all in favor of finding out what happens early, if it diminishes sales and turns people off. It will teach the greedy author and publishers right." Umm... a publisher is a company, and so of course their primary aim is making money. They have shareholders to keep happy and such. If they tried to give the books away, the share price would plummet overnight, and quite frankly the company would become a total mess very quickly. Personally if I was in Jo's position, I'd want to get as much money as possible. I'd also give 95% of it to charity, and it'd be anonymous so you would never know. How can you possibly make a claim like that? Can you read minds? Do you know what's going through her head? And since when has there ever been an author or creative person of any kind who didn't get whatever came their way? How is she any different in that respect from... nearly every successful person on the planet? "PS I read each of the earlier books the day they came out and am a big fan, but let's face it, it's all about money now and not the fans!" It shouldn't be about either. It should be about Jo telling her story in the way she wishes to tell it.Avatar Image says: Bischoff, how on earth do you get the impression that Jo is greedy!? She has talked many times about the length between books having to deal with her family and very young children. And I'm sure Scholastic wants to take their time with every detail for these books; they don't want to send them out NOW just so people like you can get your delight early. They want to make sure readers are getting the best quality possible. Part of the fun of the whole thing is the wait and anticipation! I'm sure everyone here would like to wait a little longer just to cherish these final days before the final installment arrives. It's special to us; it's not just another book. Any other book just comes out as soon as the publisher's can get it, but like i said, this is special and it deserves all the preparation it can get. So please don't call Jo greedy at all! She is the farthest thing from it! If you can't see that she cares about her fans, than maybe you're not seeing Harry Potter and its author for what they really are.Avatar Image says: ugh i hate those spoiler people. =/Avatar Image says: I don't know why everybody seems to have a problem with the length of time before publication or the fact that Rowling doesn't want any information leaked. Ok, so the book is finished, so why not let us buy it now? Well that's due to the fact that you can't just release a book straight after the author finishes writing it - it has to go through various processes including proofreading and editing, then of course it has to be printed and pressed. With the projected sales for a book of this magnitude it ain't going to happen over night. Anyway, the 'no-spoilers' rule just means that we all have a greater opportunity to speculate as to the outcome - as I've said before on various other sites and at barbecues in my garden, I still reckon that it's all a case of mistaken identity and that Neville really is the one who ends up bringing down Voldemort. Ha! You know you'll all be wondering why I could predict that when it happens! Nah, not really, I haven't read it yet, and even if I had I wouldn't say anything to anyone, because I wouldn't want to spoil it. Now, who can I get to babysit a two-year-old and three one-year-olds while I hop off down to Tesco for the release? All my friends are Harry Potter fans two!Avatar Image says: Is that thing about the squid real, or she just being sarcastic?Avatar Image says: Hi, Potter Fan, I think we can safely assume, she was being sarcastic. But still, there might be something to the Giant Squid we don't know yet ;o)Avatar Image says: Totally real. Squiffindor to the rescue!Avatar Image says: hahaha 'Squiffindor'... Jo, you're my hero. The end.Avatar Image says: I'm dead against spoilers and I'm considering not going to any Potter sites or even other news sites for the week leading up to release. I'll be waiting in line at the bookstore with my iPod turned up loud so I can't overhear other people talking. This will continue until I have finished the book, likely resulting in some hearing loss, but that's the price you pay I suppose. I was able to experience each book so far as it was meant to be experienced, including Half-Blood Prince. While I like the tough stance, I think a more low key approch along with people taking their own measures to protect against spoilers would help a lot. Because honestly, I think spoiler policy or not, someone determined to infamously break the big story is not going to be deterred by people asking them not to do it. I fully expect more copycat drive-by spoilers this time around.Avatar Image says: She's freaking awesome! And you guys at Leaky are the best. :DAvatar Image says: Yay, go Leaky!!! With Jo behind us, we're unstoppable! As for the Giant Squid...I knew all of my theorizing would be in vain.Avatar Image says: VOLDEMORT IS HARRY'S FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOLDEMORT IS HARRY'S FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOLDEMORT IS HARRY'S FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOLDEMORT IS HARRY'S FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOLDEMORT IS HARRY'S FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Avatar Image says: ok, so was she serious about the squid thing? somebody set e straight plese!!!!Avatar Image says: I'm very disappointed. I was a Giant Squid/Voldemort shipper. Oh well, I guess I was wrong. PS: BTW YoMoma, you're totally wrong, Voldemort is Arthur Weasley's father.Avatar Image says: TLDR, will read the thread later... Just wanted to say, at the end of a busy day at work and having read the diary update hours ago... God bless you and yours Jo Rowling, for bringing us Harry and his world and for showing us that gloominess is a monster that can be fought and defeated. :)Avatar Image says: Is it because I am extremely old that I feel that time is flying by? It seems like yesterday that M, J & S were talking about the DH countdown being at 100 days; now it is 67???? How can that be? I'm ready, but I really feel like I may puke from the excitement; I don't want it to be over! Melissa- are you guys getting any sleep at all? I think everyone must be in zombie mode at this point! Hang in there!Avatar Image says: Meliisa, you have been quoted about this on CNN. http://www.cnn.com/2007/SHOWBIZ/books/05/14/books.rowling.ap/index.htmlAvatar Image says: Kudos to that Melissa. If anything, I don't want spoilers to the end of something I've been reading for near ten years. Just like I don't want to know the end of the Halo story before I've gotten there. Small spoilers are nice, but not the kind that give everything away. Only the kind that make your brain explode.Avatar Image says: Oh rats! I thought the giant squid was going to end up being Yoda.....Avatar Image says: I was still awake at nearly 4:00 am (Pacific Time) last night and was excited when I saw the date on Jo's diary and realized it was something new from her. I really appreciate how both Jo and the staff at Leaky wish to preserve the purity of the fans' experience of reading Deathly Hallows. The fact that Jo aknowledges and applauds Leaky's efforts shows what a top-notch site this is. And about the Giant Squid... Jo, you've been hanging out with Luna again, haven't you?Avatar Image says: JK Rowling has to have the best sense of humour I've ever known.Avatar Image says: I have to wonder, with all the speculation running rampant, what possible spoiler could be released that would be believed. I mean, so far, I've heard the speculation that every character in the book has died. In this case, idiots out there will attempt to create spoilers and fool fans. It makes themselves feel superior (at fooling everyone else). I wouldn't believe anything that I didn't see for myself--and even much of that could be faked. Avatar Image says: wait...I'm confused...was the giant squid thing a joke...?Avatar Image says: What you guys should do is place a pic link like what you have for your Michael Goldenberg interview Reading "Leakys Spoiler policy. As endorsed by JK Rowling" Melissa if Jo rang you and said she would tell you how it would all pan out what would you say to her?Avatar Image says: Mrs. de Mimsy Porpington: It's not just you. It feels like yesterday we were at the end of January, totally unaware of the release date. Now we're what, two months or so away? Eeek. I can't believe this is going to end.Avatar Image says: I just KNEW it was the squid! I've been saying it for years yet I still get looks like I should be in a ward at St. Mungos...*shakes head* people these days....:-P Thanks Jo for your always anticipated messages! Love them! Can't....wait....for...Potter....*dies*Avatar Image says: Oh yea I hate spoilers cause I have grown up with these books starting when the first one came out and i want to know what happens from reading it! then i want to see the movie and critique it severely for all the important things they leave out and how harrys eyes are supposed to be apple green, not blue lol. Does that bother anyone else? Avatar Image says: As a member of the Society for the Promotion of Ethical Treatment of Shellfish (SPETS), I would like to take exception to the association of calamari.. er.. uh, I mean, delicious squid... um.., that is to say, the outstanding water inhabitant called Squid - with a member of any of the wizard group. I therefore would like to invite all beleaguered shellfish, including shrimp, clams, crustaceans, scallops and mollusks, to my house for dinner and discussion. I look forward to serving you.Avatar Image says: LOL!OH! I think she is joking too. But then, Jo loves to tease us.LOL! I'm going to miss that.:o( I love Jo.Avatar Image says: I think people spoil things, whether books or movies, because they just want to be the "first" to talk about something, and people who give out spoilers always seem so excited and happy about it. But that is wrong-headed because it's a very selfish thing to do, and they aren't making themselves either popular or cool. In fact, they may be shunned forever or banned from certain sites and they ought to think about the lonely future when they are tempted to scan pages or type up summaries. Why do they think they are doing us a favor? Avatar Image says: Wow, Jo's proud of us! We'll all do our part to thwart the morons who think it's funny to let the kneazle out of the bag. Keep up the good work Leaky!Avatar Image says: Actually I believe there are three fan fictions masquerading as Deathly Hallows. I've even blogged about it. And to those cynical "It's just about the money" people, maybe there are people like that, but don't presume the rest of humankind are the same. Jo even had to postpone the ideal 07/07/07 release date just so that she could edit the book properly for us fans. and if you'd just check out the total sales from all over the country, maybe you'll understand why the publishers need a hell of a lot of time to publish ALL the books within the first print run. And maybe you should read Harry Potter with more depth. It's more than a story for children and about magic.Avatar Image says: I love when Jo mentions TLC on her website, it's like having a famous celebrity like...Keria Knightly come to your door and know your name and want to be your best friend. That's the feeling I get from this. I love Jo!!!Avatar Image says: Melissa - glad you get credit from the top for a firm, ethical policy. As for 'Voldemort is Harry's father' -- more likely Snape. But, of course, Harry looks like James . . .Avatar Image says: Hi berty_botts and sara bo boeberahhh: Yes, what Jo said about the Giant Squid is a joke. I'm sure that she really is not serious about it, but I also meant what I said: there might still be some (minor) part for the Squid to play in the last book. But then again, I am only guessing like everybody else. Avatar Image says: No, it's true*! Just wait! Squiffindor will save the day!!Avatar Image says: Y'know I had a giant squid related daydream today. I hate those. It involved convincing Hagrid to turn it into stewed Calamari. Avatar Image says: I read the spoilers and as far as I am concern the book is still a mystery. In the spoilers 4 people died not 2 and some were already speculated. I don't think the spoilers know for sure what is going on and are speculating because if they are true it would hurt the movie revenue.Avatar Image says: If you don't like spoilers, don't read them! Why is everyone sound concerned about this??? Obviously if someone actively searches for a spoiler to a book or movie, they don't mind and it is their choice. Are you all so dumb that you go and find spoilers and then complain about it?Avatar Image says: last time, I was spoiled by a news comments on a website. I mean to see the comments, not read spoilers. it was the chapters title. My eyes just read those words "the white tomb" and i understood that it mean dumbledore's death. And then, someone else tell me the how it happened on a chat. Though i actually didn't believe it. Only when i read HPB second chapter, i began to admit it might be the trust. "Small spoilers are nice, but not the kind that give everything away. Only the kind that make your brain explode." i agree with that alice :) The kind of spoillers that got you wondering "so what gonna happen ??" Avatar Image says: WHAt? they get married? yeah its some silly hing thats going around. someone i know read that version. it dint have voldemort until 600 pages. she decalred she liked it. but there was more on cleavage in there she saidAvatar Image says: For the release of the past two books, I worked at a huge retail store. the past time I had the wonderful delight of actually receiving the Half-Blood Prince books. Although the urge was plentiful, I checked the books in (awing at the cover and the book in general) and locked them in the security room. The books came in only 2 days before the release date, and were counted at least twice daily to insure none were missing (due to sticky fingers in the store). I read the book after standing in line, with everyone else, for 5 hours. The anticipation is definitely worth the wait!! Avatar Image says: were i live is georgia u.s.a there is a women trying get the taking out of a school in south carolina and me i dont wont to know anthing about the book right now untill the book comes out ok keep harry potter alive and think you j.k rowling i love harry pooter to much to see it die ok

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