Love Songs of the 90’s Contest

Feb 01, 2008

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February is the time of year when our thoughts turn to love and romance. But not all of our attempts are successful. Take Ginny Weasley, for example. In Chamber of Secrets she wrote a singing Valentine for Harry that was¦well, let’s just say it was not well received. To refresh your memory:

His eyes are as green as a fresh pickled toad.
His hair is as dark as a blackboard.
I wish he was mine, he’s really divine,
The hero who conquered the Dark Lord.
(COS p. 184)

Our Contest Staff would like to challenge each of you to choose your favorite Harry Potter character and write a singing Valentine that is four lines long and no more than 50 words. So put on your thinking hats”you’ve >bfinally got your chance to express your undying love. And since we’re talking undying love here”you can even serenade a character who has gone beyond the veil!

Rules for Entrants:
• Write a singing Valentine to a Harry Potter character that is four lines long and no more than 50 words. You may write a singing Valentine from one character to another or from yourself to your favorite Harry Potter character.
• Please keep lyrics and/or pairings consistent with book canon. In other words, please do not use any information given by JK Rowling in any interviews.
• Please specify which character you are writing for (e.g. “To Ron—” or include name in lyrics).
• There is a strict PG-13 rating for the lyrics.
• There is a limit of one singing Valentine per person. All work must be original.
• All decisions by the judges are final.
• Anyone over the age of 13 can enter the contest, including staff members who are not involved in the judging process.
• All submissions must be e-mailed to [email protected] by February 29th at 11:59 pm (EST). Please copy-and-paste the lyrics into the body of the e-mail and include a name to be used for authorship (real name or Leaky Lounge name).
• Please refer to our FAQ if you are not sure of something.
• If you have any questions not answered on the FAQ, or would like to discuss this Contest, please come to the Contest Corner forum of The Leaky Lounge.

Update – Here are our Winners

1st Place: Dragonsinger

To my Arthur,
Your hair couldn’t get any redder
And life with you couldn’t be any better
A burrow full of love, my heart soars like a dove
So your Mollywobbles sends you this sweater!

2nd Place: Tiki

To Lord Voldemort,
Your eyes are as red as that Potter boys’ blood
Your hair is quite non-existent
If you would just give me a piece of your soul
I would gladly be your groveling assistant

3rd Place: blue4t

From Ron to Hermione
Every time I turn my head and see the empty seat
I feel a sense of dread from my head down to my feet.
I miss your bushy hair and your great big brown eyes.
Even though you’re petrified, Hermione, will you be mine?

Honorable Mention: linden swallow

I just won’t rest ˜til you’re mine,
Say yes; be my Valentine.
I’ll melt in your arms through the force of your charms,
Filius, small but divine

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