Bridge Used in Potter Filming for Platform 9 3/4 to be destroyed by Muggles?

Mar 18, 2008

Posted by: SueTLC


It would seem a landmark for Wizards and Muggles alike is under threat, as a new report says a bridge and clock at King’s Cross station in London, England may be removed as part of an expansion project. Update: In this ITN video (now available here in our galleries) you can see the bridge and clock area that is possibly to be removed as part of the renovation. This area, which was most recently seen in “Order of the Phoenix,” is all part of an area that is the site of thousands and thousands of visitors to the London train station . ITN is reporting that there is an effort afoot to save this area as the article says: “Architect and TV presenter Ptolemy Dean is leading the campaign to stop the bridge being destroyed. He said: “King’s Cross will lose its rather beautiful and lovely structure which characterises it’s views. It’s a a gateway to the north really and one feels very sad that it’s going. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the last book in the boy wizard series and features a chapter called King’s Cross, where a location resembling the station plays a significant role.The station is also featured in the epilogue of the same book, making it the final setting of the Harry Potter series.”

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