Winners of ‘Ears to Fred and George Contest Announced

Mar 31, 2008

Posted by: EdwardTLC


In the lead up to the birthday of Weasley Twins Fred and George, the winners of the Ears to Fred and George Contest are ready to be announced. In February, we asked you to send us your ideas for a new, and possibly better, ear joke for George. After many amazing and hilarious submissions, the winners of this contest are:


    1st Place – Amber

    ”’Eh? What’s that you say?” George asked, cupping the hole where his ear had been.
    “I SAID, WHERE’S HARRY?” Ron bellowed as his mother walked in.
    George looked confused…
    “Oh, no, it’s not just your ear that you lost. Your hearing’s gone, too!” Molly fretted.
    “Oh, don’t worry, mum,” George said immediately. “The hearing loss is only selective.”

    2nd Place – MalfoyDiva

    Fred: You okay George?
    George: I’m great! I’m going to be an amazing Quidditch player now!
    Fred: Why is that?
    George: Less wind resistance!

    3rd Place – MalfoyDiva

    Fred: Sorry you lost your ear mate.
    George: Well you know what they say, ‘Ear today gone Tomorrow’!


    1st Place – Nobodey

    Weasleys Wizard Wheezes An extendable ear is better than no ear at all!

    2nd Place ’ Nobodey

    Weasleys Wizard Wheezes! Now 25 percent less earwax!

    3rd Place – Jukilum

    “No more ‘in one ear and out the other’!”

    Congratulations to all!

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