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Apr 02, 2008

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color=”#A50000″ face=”Comic Sans MS”>Poetry Contest

It’s already April and you know what that means,
The flowers are out and the trees are all green.
It’s the National Month for Poetry,
The language of love for you and for me.
So write a poem for us all to hear,
About Harry or his friends, so full of cheer.
Or tell us about your favourite scene,
When Quidditch was played, or when Voldie was mean.
Whatever you write, make it full of fun,
And now this silly poem is done.
Just remember what ever you do,
The rules below are there for you!

Rules for entrants

  • • Write a poem about your favorite character or scene from the books in 150 words or less.
  • • There is no specific style or format required or preferred, but all poems must be well constructed.
  • • There is a strict PG-13 rating for the poems.
  • • There is a limit of one poem per person. All work must be original.
  • • All decisions by the judges are final
  • • Anyone over the age of 13 can enter the contest, including staff members who are not involved in the judging process.
  • • All submissions must be e-mailed to [email protected] by
    April 30th at 11:59 pm (EDT) with “HP Poem” in the subject line of the
    e-mail. Please copy-paste the poem into the body of the e-mail and
    include a name to be used for authorship (real name or Leaky Lounge
  • • Please refer to our FAQ if you are not sure of something.
  • • If you have any questions not answered on the FAQ, or would like to discuss this Contest, please come to the Contest Corner forum of The Leaky Lounge.


First Place: cazzadragon

It Wouldn’t Work Out Anyway

I know I am doomed to wander
Alone for all eternity,
So why is it this charming girl
Declares she is in love with me?

She is so young, what would she know
About the life she’d have to live?
I am old and have no money,
Nothing but despair can I give.

For I’m a creature of nightmares
Altered by the full moon’s pure light;
The beast harbours a fierce bloodlust
Which the man has no strength to fight.

She does not think of the dangers,
She cannot even comprehend
Miserable is what she’d be,
And she’d regret it in the end

Therefore I must push her away,
Though I see she hurts when I do,
But the thing which hurts most of all
Is that I’m in love with her too.

Second Place: Erin McCarty

First Kiss

This was not the time for snogging,
Not the instant for a tryst.
This was not the vision-fogging
Perfect moment to have kissed.

Not the time to start confessing
Love in such a carnal way.
Romance shouldn’t have been pressing
On Hermione’s heart today.

But then Ron suggested something
Indicating that he knew
It had never been a dumb thing
To be so concerned with SPEW.

At his empathetic worry
Over every kitchen elf,
She flew at him in a flurry.
She could not restrain herself.

Ron, in shock, recovered nicely;
They entwined like Devil’s Snare.
Harry wondered when, precisely,
They would both come up for air.

Ron’s compassion lit the ember;
This was not just for themselves.
What a moment to remember!
Score another for the elves!

Third Place: S DeMann

The Courageous Dobby

In the cool night air
The burial of an
Old friend begins.
As the moon shines down
Upon the grass,
I dig my friend his
Cold dark grave.

As tears trickle
Down my face
I think of him,
Of how he was
So daring
So bold,
And oh so brave.

I remember the day
I had set him free,
With tears in his
Huge eyes he
Had thanked me,

And now I must say
Good-bye to him
One last time,
Say a good-bye to
Him from me,
My dear friend
The House-Elf
The Courageous Dobby.

Honorable Mention: Phoenix_226

Well, old man
You’re very wise
You thought of all
And said no lies
Though here you lay
Down in this tomb
Your phoenix sings
And roses bloom
My hands will shake
From grief and hate
But I’ll push through
Accept my fate
I’ll show the boy
Which path to take
He’ll realize
What choice to make
It’s all for good
To kill the foe
Who took my love
Who killed my doe

Honorable Mention: Susie Haberfeld

Dumbledore’s Regret

Responsibility’s the hardest way to gain
adulthood”siblings become children and a boy
must take the place of prisoned dad and mother slain.
Each day in work does pass, each night devoid of joy.
And so it seems a miracle, when suddenly
a bird”no, boy”no, golden bird”alights and shares
the very dreams that nights he’s held to secretly,
and a few he’d daren’t dreamed; love”or fear”ensnares.

Does danger lurk beneath such beauty there that floats?
Apollo here himself proffers another fate
than this dull life. No girl’s mad pain nor boy’s wise goats
could yet bedim his twinkling eyes nor th’ ardor pall.
But sister’s dead, the friendship’s lost! He knows too late
that Family is the greatest Hallow of them all.

Honorable Mention: Angela Willhoite

Here I Go Gently

It’s a quiet walk to the forest’s dark,
Without pounding rage, without soaring heart.
I am ready to destroy this cursed mark.

Know I could turn with even one remark.
Plaintively passing those I must depart,
It’s a quiet walk to the forest’s dark.

Behind me the battle is also stark.
Forgive me for this night and for my part,
I am ready to destroy this cursed mark.

I open my token just as a lark.
Though it brings me those once a world apart,
It’s a quiet walk to the forest’s dark.

Without a weapon, I step through the dark.
Though this is the end, let it be the start;
I am ready to destroy this cursed mark.

I’ll face what comes. I’m ready to embark
On the path that will cut you from my heart.
It’s a quiet walk to the forest’s dark;
I am ready to destroy this cursed mark.

Honorable Mention: Martha Harris


as my life flashes before your eyes
I wonder what your reaction will be
to the truth I’ve been hiding all these years
it’s better this way we’ll never have to talk about it
I’ll never have to see the pity in your eyes her eyes
I never wanted pity
I just wanted respect
so desperately that I sold my soul in order to obtain it
but I’m sure you’ll forgive me because you’re noble like that
and I do value your forgiveness even though I would never admit it
too stubborn to change now
keeping all my feelings buried deep inside the impenetrable fortress of my mind
pretending I didn’t care pretending I was in control
pretending that being feared was better than being loved
but now you see inside and there’s nothing left to hide
so I can finally say
good luck Harry

Honorable Mention: Kiara Zani

Ethereal as it pierces the silence,
A mournful melody ebbs and flows,
The blood-red bird lifts the veil of denial,
A dear man gone, half-moons and crooked nose.

A covenant kept, a wrong man accused,
One Hallow is safe from Tom’s long, white grasp,
As the lone phoenix thrusts forth its final note,
The costly gold heart is closed with a clasp.

And The Boy Who Lived makes his guarantee,
To avenge Dumbledore and fulfill the prophecy.

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