May 06, 2008

Posted by: Doris


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Do you like to use the art and images in Leaky’s galleries to make icons and such? Then we have good news for you! Leaky’s Galleries staff, as well as Leaky’s Contest staff, would like to announce a new contest here at The Leaky Cauldron beginning May 12th. This contest will be in the form of an icon contest (or icontest) with weeks also devoted to wallpaper and banner competitions, using the great images found in both our Image Galleries and Fan Art Galleries.

Each week we will be posting up a challenge featuring images found in either our Image or Fan Art Galleries here at Leaky. First up will be the wonderful art of our Featured Fan Artist, Glockgal. Our second week will be a challenge featuring some of our newest images in our image galleries. (They are so new we don’t even have them in yet!) Challenges will run two weeks, with the first week being for submissions, and the second week made up of voting. First, Second, and Third place will be determined by your votes, with weekly guest judges picking their favorites! Winners will receive various prizes such as having their entries up in the galleries or a special signature banner.

May 12 – Phase one: Make an icon featuring the art of our Feature Artist, Glockgal.
May 19 – Submissions due for Phase One, and voting starts
May 26 – Phase Two: Make an icon from newly added Images to our Image Gallery.
June 2 – Submissions due for Phase One, and voting starts

All submissions should be emailed to our Leaky Gallery staff here!

Want more information?
Check out the Image Gallery and Fan Art Gallery forums as well as Leaky’s Contest Page. This is where you can find all the rules and regulations that apply to these contests, such as the fact that you must be over 13 to enter any of Leaky’s contests. We look forward to viewing and voting on all your wonderful submissions.

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