Film Stills, Trailer of “Gone Fishing” Featuring Devon Murray Now Online

Jun 29, 2008

Posted by: EdwardTLC


A number of photos of actor Devon Murray from his new short film “Gone Fishing” are now online. The official website describes the film as a “moving story of a young boy and old man as they deal with bereavement through their love of fishing. The tale is wrapped around Old Bill’s story of how when he was a boy, he tried to catch the worlds biggest pike.” Devon Murray, who portrays Seamus Finnigan in the Harry Potter films, plays the character of Young Bill in this thirteen minute film. High resolution stills from the film along with a few production photos featuring Devon can be found in our Image Galleries.

Regarding his character, Mr. Murray is quoted in the film’s press kit as saying:

“My character doesn’t have any dialogue, so it was an extra challenge to really portray Young Bill. I spent days in a harness being yanked back and forth by crew members, to simulate the fish fighting on the line, and at one point, the rope snapped and I teetered on the edge of the jetty, nearly falling into the lake!”

“When playing a young version of a character that also appears as an older incarnation of that same character, but with another actor, it’s important to work closely with the other members of the cast, to get mannerisms and personality nuances the same, so the two performances portray a single character.”

In addition to the photos, the film’s trailer featuring Mr. Murray in character can be viewed via this link. While specific release information is not yet available, we will update you when it is.

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