An Introduction of All Things

Jun 29, 2008

Posted by: John Admin


Before I actually begin blogging, I wanted to give you a lowdown on what this is going to be about and what you will expect to see. The blogs will be geared towards the magical creatures of the Harry Potter series. Some things you will see are the mythologies of creatures, the meanings of their names, the relationship between a creature and a person or other creature, and some of my views, as well as other features that I may come up with in the future. Each blog will also have some thoughts or questions on the topic presented, just to give everyone something to think about. I will probably post a blog about once a week; it all depends on real life things happening.

Now for a little self-introduction: Just like my bio says, I am a Transcription Elf for PotterCast. My favorite character is Hagrid. He’s part of the reason why I started this blog about creatures. The moment I found out that Hagrid was the owner of a three-headed dog named Fluffy, and learned of how much he adored this creature, I immediately fell in love with the friendly giant. The thing that I like about Hagrid is not the fact that he likes dangerous creatures, but how much he dotes upon them. Even though my preference is cats, I love and adore all animals, except for spiders and the occasional bird. With that said, I hope you enjoy my future blogs.

A warning to those who are about to venture forth into my Blogs; please keep your arms, legs, and other bodily extremities close to you at all times, we don’t need anyone going to St. Mungo’s.

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