Harry goes to University

Jul 04, 2008

Posted by Doris

We all came to know Harry Potter in different ways, and for every fan, Harry has a special place in our hearts. For me, I’ve been a fan of Harry for many years for many reasons. Each of those reasons has moved from my classroom with a newly found love of reading. Many of those reasons, my students, are now filling university classrooms.

It all started with that first reason. A typical boy, my son loved life, reading, school and sports. As he grew his love of athletics replaced his love for the written word. The world had taught him that reading occurred in school, and like homework, it took away the time he could spend playing sports, video games, or hanging out with his friends. The joy and passion of reading had slipped from his life. The reading teacher in me mourned the loss, the mom in me felt like I’d somehow let my child down.

Years after our discovery of that book, my son walked through his graduation ceremony and off to his first year in University. Harry helped rekindle his love of reading, it helped him develop the vocabulary he’d need later in life and the problem solving skills that have helped make him successful.

I realized that this book could inspire other young people. I’d taught long enough to recognize these books contained the material I’d struggled to get across to students. Yet, this book did it in a way that was fresh, new and exciting. There were many great novels out there, but this series appealed to children of all ages and reading levels. My journey with Harry began.

This blog will largely be about education. I have planned blogs on banned books, summer reading for teachers, how Harry can help in a classroom and various other topics that relate in some ways to Harry Potter. I’m hoping this blog will also be a dialogue of ways teachers can help each other and share ideas.

Harry Potter, and his creator JK Rowling, have done much for young readers. As a reading teacher, I’ve enjoyed watching students learn that the magic of Harry Potter is in the imagination of the reader. Of course, I always go back to that first little boy, who now towers above me. Packing to leave for school, I smiled as he carried his box of Harry Potter books with him.

~ Doris

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How to use Harry in the classroom: I think we can all agree it’s an awesome topic for discussion. I can’t wait to see what you bring to this blog Doris, as I know just from talking to you how informed and passionate you are on the subject! Good luck chica!

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I’m not in school any more, but it’s still interesting to see how Harry is used in the classroom! Can’t wait to see what you have to say on the subject, Doris!

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Doris, I am very excited about your blog! You have a great topic, and I’ll be sure to follow it.

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Doris, I love that your blog is going to be educationally minded… how wonderful to use Harry in a way that will inspire readers and writers!

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Thanks for the comments – I can’t wait to sit down around our blog table and chat with everyone about HP and our various takes on this phenom and how it’s affected our lives.


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I loved to read things like Nancy Drew all through elementary school then we started getting assigned reading books and I kind of lost touch with the love! I picked up my HP1 (after watching every video possible) when I was at home sick with the chicken pox in seventh grade and never stopped. :)

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I loved Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys were my fave! I enjoyed the mystery and they were my brothers books so I enjoyed sneaking them out of his room!


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Doris, I’m so looking forward to reading your future blogs on this subject. If Harry changed my life as a 20-something adult, I can’t imagine the impact he would have had on me if I had picked them up earlier.

“Packing to leave for school, I smiled as he carried his box of Harry Potter books with him.” tear What great mental imagery.


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Thanks MJ – it is a great image, a happy one and a sad one.

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