Jul 09, 2008

Posted by Doris

I hope that you will all find it nice and cozy here as we talk about Professor Severus Snape, his life before and during the Harry Potter Series, and those people in different series that are so darn easy to hate, but we still have to like/appreciate them in the end.

I fell in love with Snape the moment he saved Harry in the Quidditch match in PS/SS. It seemed to me, to be too easy to point my finger at him and say that he was the “bad” guy. I knew he was protecting Harry…little did I know just how much his time was spent on protecting people.

I can’t wait to dive further into this enigmatic character with you.

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Your green lion is kind of amazing. I think it’s Snape’s eternal symbol.

Though I confess the idea of him in romantic love makes me a little ill (his comment to Hermione about her teeth, among other things, were, for me, beyond the pale), I absolutely love him as a character as well. JKR called him a ‘gift’ of a character, and was right.

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Ooh, Snape is one of my favourite characters! Not just in HP, but ever! I can’t wait to read what you have to say about him, Abbey!

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Snape is one of the most wicked characters in the series with his attitude and his love for lily so i cant wait to talk about him!!

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Abbey, this looks like it’s going to be a hot hot hot blog! You are certainly going to be hopping with ideas and discussion. CAn’t wait to see the paths you and Severus take. Er… not literally… you know what I mean!

Avatar Image says: Umm, i think he is an unusual character. Kinda unique, you know...

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