Jul 09, 2008

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Hello! Welcome to my Leaky blog. I’ve found that more than six years covering this “beat” has given me a lot of thoughts about Potter, life, culture, fandom and more, that no one but you fine folk would be interested in hearing. Plus, I’ve been getting angry e-mails for two solid years from people who hate that our set reports have gone oral on the podcasts – and I agree with them, to a point (the point at which posting a set report during the week of the movie’s release becomes an act requiring either no sleep or Herculean multi-tasking abilities). Anyway, I have a lot of backlogged set details from the visits for four and five to talk about here, and will be posting the updates from the HBP visit here as well. I also really want to explore some questions about this terrific fandom and what it has been like for all of us over these years; how it’s changing, what’s going on, where we are coming from and what direction we find ourselves traveling.

Lately, friends tend to call me or come up to me and say, “So, what are you doing now, after Harry?” I blink at them. After Harry? There’s plenty of Harry left, thankyou. Plenty to discuss, plenty to celebrate, plenty to enjoy. So I hope you enjoy this blog. I’ll be back with the first real entry soon. For those of you who used to read the blog I did on the NY Post, called The Quibbler, this blog will be much like that one; I’ll even pick up where I left off, where we can discuss the epilogue in detail.

There will be a standing offer to answer any question you send me, and a genuine invitation to send me, well, whatever you want. Your links to your blogs, your funny stories, your ideas for entries, your Scrabble score. Just get me at [email protected]!

Finding Hogwarts

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