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Jul 15, 2008

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Welcome! Welcome!

This is the blog of Sue, Senior Editor at Leakynews.com. I post news on Leaky and am a host (as well as a bringer of news) on our podcast as well. Like our song says, Leaky has a whole ‘lotta news. Harry Potter news, related news, silly news, sad news, exciting news, news about movies, music, books and more.

This blog will contain my various thoughts, reactions, ponderings about not only the news as it pertains to fans, but to the whole of the Harry Potter fandom. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to reflect a bit more in depth on these matters than I would normally do on PotterCast, where I also serve as one of the hosts.

Oh to be certain, there will be random exclamation of delight over say, news of my favorite Potter actor (Jason Isaacs) or the various aspects of other cast members performances, especially their endeavors in the theatre which I adore greatly. My greater aim however, is to take a more thoughtful broader look, with a bit more information and reflection on the what its like to serve as an editor on such a large site, react a bit more to news of our Jo, plus express thoughts on the Harry Potter films which… well, let’s just say there is A GREAT DEAL to reflect on that one, as well as other various WB projects such as the theme park and the upcoming touring exhibition that will not go un-noticed either.

However it is important to make one thing clear upfront. This fandom is comprised of some fantastic people, projects, and happenings; I consider myself to be extraordinarily lucky to work here at Leaky and be part of such a great group of people here on staff and in this Harry Potter fandom. My goal would be to write on those things, those people and events which are affecting us, large and small. Final key point: Feeling as proud as you would of whatever Hogwarts house you are in, I am so happy to exclaim to the world, I am very proud to be of THE HOUSE OF HUFFLEPUFF.

Finding Hogwarts

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