Tennant in New York? Bring It On!

Aug 24, 2008

Posted by twiddlethosedials

I can’t tell yet if this is an honest-to-God real possibility yet or just speculation, but… there’s just the tiniest mention in this Times Online article that the RSC production of Hamlet starring Who’s David Tennant will be moving to New York after it finishes its British run! Here’s the squeeful quote: “And soon the Tennant effect will no longer be confined to Stratford-upon-Avon. The production moves to the Novello Theatre in London in December and, according to Gregory Doran, director of the Tennant Hamlet, there’s a possibility that the production will then move to New York.”

OK, so I don’t live anywhere near New York and it would cost me an arm and a leg to get there for Equus, let alone Hamlet, but… dang, that’s a heck of a lot closer than the British Isles. Would my family disown me if I tried to get there? Would I be branded for life as a nerd just for trying?

Maybe what I really need to do is find some legitimate, not-fangirly-at-all reason to go to New York, just when the show happens to be there. IF it comes there. That’s a big if.

Hey, if I could swing both shows in one weekend trip? That’d be gravy.

OK, never mind. I can totally live with my family branding me as a nerd. Who am I kidding? I don’t need a legitimate reason to go to New York. The chance to see my hero in person is a legitimate reason of its own. :)

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If it coincides with my thespian society’s trip to NY, I just might die.

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I have to say though, if this does happen, it won’t happen RIGHT after the London run (at least if they want to keep David in it), because he starts filming the Who 2009 Specials like immediately after the London run finishes.

I would love to see this happen again though, preferrably like it happened this year (with some shows being during summer (or winter) break) so I have the better possibility of seeing it. I went over to the UK to see Hamlet (and for a general trip to England) and that was brilliant, but I’d love to see him perform it over here as well (and it’d be cheaper for me to go again if he were over here haha)

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This is the best rumor I have heard…possibly ever!

I was just trying to convince myself that I could somehow wrangle getting to London in December – but getting to NY from OH is a LOT easier! Summer next year would be great – just don’t make it between January and April of any year – work would preclude me from going (probably).

Hey – we should all coordinate and go together if it happens! Always more fun to see stuff like this with like minded people.

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It is worth seeing Hamlet if you can get there – David Tennant is so good!! I saw it in August and want to go again. Even if you’re not a big Shakespeare fan I think people would like it. I never used to like studying Shakespeare but seeing it on stage is different.

I wonder how it’d fit in with Doctor Who filming though? I hope the film another full series with David Tennant…

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